Friday, July 31, 2015

PicoP can put a display on nearly anything

PicoP is a display.
It can be used to create a display on nearly anything. So, nearly anywhere people want a display - art - moving pictures or data PicoP can be there making it a reality.
The ways a display on nearly anything can be used... is limited only by imagination.
Tokman from the conference call...
"...We're supporting a subset of these OEMs in a number of design win and design in activities. Although, we are not otherwise at this time to disclose OEM names nor to comment on their products or launch date, we are really excited by the innovative way that people are integrating our technology into potential products.
...We are focused on making our customers successful by providing them with high quality components and the system with their go-to-market efforts, both commercially and technically. At the same time, we are looking to the future by continuing to innovate and identifying where to take our technology next.
While it's truly exciting to us and me personally is that we created PicoP technology to be a platform solution, a solution that can scale to a variety of new high growth application areas beyond basic pico projection."

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