Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Disney Projector Drones -- Cool Patent, PicoP Perfect.

One of the things about PicoP, is that its a huge display in a tiny package. Usable in all kinds of ways that we haven't even thought about yet.

Disney is definitely aware of PicoP, but that doesn't mean that PicoP is included in this patent. (It is certainly an ideal use-case for PicoP however.)

This is really creative -- and could be really interesting!

Digital Trends

Fox News

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According to diagrams, the drone’s screen would be held parallel to the ground, with the projector beaming an image onto its rear surface via a reflector. The screen would have enough translucency to allow park visitors to see the projection, which could consist of both still and moving images.

The drones would likely to used to entertain guests throughout the parks as the filing says the “floating or flying projection screens” could show changing imagery and be set to a musical score. The entertainment giant is reportedly considering using the new technology at U.S. park sites in Florida and California, according to Digital Trends.

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