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SLAM from Medium

Google Podcast App "one-ups" Alexa

UW -- Reality Lab


Apple Holodome

Apple & Engineering Expertise

Coming Fast Spectrum
Qualcomm mobile compute platform

Amazon Home Robot, Vesta

Does Amazon need a Robot?

Top Key 3d Vendor

AR for Military Training

Sony step backwards with DLP

Udacity Computer Vision

Japan LAST in startups...

Somewhere for all those robots to go... 

Lie detecting Robots.

Sharp, Eye safe laser diodes

Robots to care for Elderly

Laser Focus World, Laser HUD

Hitachi Robot

Pedestrian car deaths.. 


Verizon, 2019 5G


Projection Helmet Update
Chinese Robots (Machine Learning & Sensors)

The industrial Internet of Things

5G Samsung Router Verizon closer to launch

Softbank biggest deal by letting go

Don't buy the new MacBook Pro? (When tech has bugs.)

Apple near eye displays?

Ford to sell only two models Mustang & "Active" - a new unknown model.

Xaiomi M7 7 Facial recognition

Alexa to be installed in homes.

Maybe they couldn't get around the patents?

Augmented Reality to increase Biopsy Accuracy.

LaserFocus -

New age of Sensor Tech / Man Machine Cooperation

Deutsch Bank on AR "The next Big Thing"

Burkenroad Reports: (Markets are born in pessimism, grow on skepticism, mature on optimism and die on euphoria -- Sir John Templeton)

Expanding 3D Sensor Market

Apple Foldable phone

VCSEL Shortage -- not much face scanning (MVIS to the rescue?)

VCSEL -- What they are

LiDAR -- Self driving Cars? (ref this, re: uber?)

2015 Oculus... VR glasses in public.

Macy's Augmented Reality Christmas

How AR will change Online Shopping, Supply chain and Social Media

National Geographic Space projection helmet

The End of the smartphone

PCB Design -- AR = Gamechanger

EE TIMES -- Steerable LiDAR

Google AR Core - Developers

Ready Player One Inspiration for Oculus

Sony Projected AR (The Verge)

Self-driving Volkswagon

Magic Leap Raises 500 Million

AR Game, AR Kit

Apple AR Kit - The Nation

google glass coming back

Toyota 2.8 Billion for self-driving

Changing Reality, how we interact with data

VR / AR Gaming guy on Virtual an augmented Reality.

Cool VR camera

Giant iPhone?

Self Driving cars to appear in San Francisco Soon

3D toys on FB

Security system scans Faces
Heads Up Display Market (Sensors Online)

Tipron Robot Projector (still digging.)

Huge Bet and Huge Partners, Qualcomm and 5G

Interesting Bet -- world without car crashes (Masayoshi Son)

Will lasers save Intel's google glass clones from sucking?

Wimp - Amazing new inventions we want to own now. (Wait till it comes in a phone.)

Qualcomm in lots of VR Headsets

LiDAR finds another ancient civilization.

WPGholdings Translator.... 

Intel -- virtual presence with UAVS

Seeing through limbs with Hololens

Intel AR Glasses

Self-driving delivery (Coming faster than we think.)

Robot at Walmart Bossa Nova

Softbank Activity

Photonics West

Coolest stuff --- almost all of it includes Alexa or Google Home. Watch this space!

Want to know where the future is going? Look at the chips.

Qualcomm and Microsoft - POST PC

Texas Instruments DLP development kit... (it's big) Thanks Roger

Harman Integrated Cockpit (HUD)

Everyone will have a robot second self -- Microsoft

Gadget hacks Hackjob on Moviphone

Qualcomm Post PC World


Every Bedroom

xaiomi  oculus


Robots at CES - USA Today

Facebook Portal

Wade through AR & VR at CES

"Smart Displays" PC Magazine

MoviPhone at CES

South Korean Mems Mirror Manufacturing

InstaSabre -- yes, silly is good.

ODG 2016 Iteration

New Samsun Chip -- Beyond a component

NBC News Augmented Reality

Thompson Phone Review (French)

Softbank Investing - Israel (how they invest.)

ULTRA, a leading distributor of electronic components dedicated to the Asia-Pacific market, announced that its Quanti unit has been delivering medical solutions based on MicroVision's micro-laser scanning projection technology

is it mainstream when Apple has AR fartjokes?

STREEM -- AR for Contractors

New Phone service in Japan

AR Gaming

Universal Projector Phone / Short Focus Set Top Box / Laser Outdoor Advertising

AEye Technology Review


  •  “The biggest bottleneck to the rollout of robotic vision solutions has been the industry’s inability to deliver a world-class perception layer. Quick, accurate, intelligent interpretation of the environment that leverages and extends the human experience is the Holy Grail, and that’s exactly what AEye intends to deliver.” 
Apple and VCSEL Laser Tech

Matt Car Lense Expansion

3D Laser Sensor Market

Future Augmented Reality Diary

Predictive Algorithms & Stats
You're not looking for it, and it doesn't come from a direction you expect.

Pioneer Possible Customer

Quantum V Video

Switch and future of Gadget Design
Blowout Growth Goertek

24,000 Self Driving vehicles from Volvo for UBER?

Patently Apple, Homepod 

Apple Homepod Delay

2019 iPhone -- TOF and Lasers

Why HMD AR is inevitable -- Forbes

Daily Mail AR

Goertek ---- is everywhere



Voltage patent,..

Voga V arrival in Brazil?

DLP and LASER Options for HUD

Hardware Manufacturers "salivate" over Japan's 5G Network

GEARBEST Selling Voga V worldwide

Apple buys TV Drama

5G Superfast Samsung Lamp posts



Robots to work in Walmart

Pioneer LiDAR - Tiny Swiveling Mirrors

AR Camera

When projectors are better and cheaper?

Hilton Head 2018

10 Billion Robots

Buying Spectrum

Patent -RainbowRemoval (Thx Bart)

Voga V - Unbox, Chinese


Complete PC on Phone - Windows

Marketing Basics -- Introductory Pricing Strategy



Foxconn just starting to release new apple iPhoneX, production issues...

WPG Holdings

New Cadillac

Intel shutters Recon

Buy AllviewPhone

Allview | Allview launches laser projector phone

TV viewing to go Mobile

GM buys Strobe   | Strobe Inc

Google and Hardware -- lots of AI

Tom's Guide | Samsung s9 | Modular design?

interactive surface conference

Thomson Fusion

Stubborn Billionaires and Media Merger Stalemate

Amazon buying channels


Best projectors for Android Devices.

Huawei -- AI on a chip

Un-Japanese behavior

Game of thrones without the dragons

Brightness patent.


VRD @ LED Inside

Softbank to offer on Charter

Lidar goes Indiana Jones

MEMS Sensors Market

Connected Car / LiDAR

Great Gifts -- Microvision Tweeted

STM Upgrade

Green-orange, China Mobile
ndra life sceinces

3D Facial Recognition - Fruit Co.

Apple and VR - CNET

RGB Laser module

Sony TOF

Project Tango and depth detection

Benz wants to regain lead in RoboCars

Supply conflicts, Nintendo Switch and iPhone8

Daqri at AR conference

Two Oakland county cities vying for Foxconn manufacturing plant (This is when you know things are real.)

Essential phone (andy Rubin) Modular

Engadget 3D Camera for VR headsets

2017 AR expo

Old nomad article  (Updating this post)

Sony Xperia Projector $1700 in US

Wonder if this can use 3D laser scanning. (bet it can.)

Apple Echo competitor due in June?
Apple all new product to be revealed in June

The Cardboard of AR

A "Dual Screen" Flip Phone?  Samsung has one in testing.

Engineer at center of Patent issues between Waymo and Uber is fired.

Motley Fool things Waymo will be huge for Google (Alphabet) -- Self driving cars will be huge for Microvision.

Laser Weapons Almost Ready for use

Apple Developing Chip for Artificial Intelligence

Renault acquisition of Intel Division

Smaller screens, subpixels

Microsoft spending billions on acquisitions

Caterpillar's augmented reality

Foxconn acquires micro LED company

More Illumiroom

Microsoft LCOS Holographic Display

ALO Smartphone

Gen Z spending 1+ hours watching mobile video daily

Screenless Display

Microsoft AR glasses that don't look bad

AR -- the Future of Training

Sharp headed for first net profit in 4 years

Facebook fined over What'sApp acquisition

Sharp commits to Softbank's Tech Fund

Google - AR you can use

iPhone production commencing in India

"First reveal" of the iPhone 8 ... 

Experia Touch to be available in July

Intel Mobileye & Taxes

Apple buys "Dark Data" company

Xaiomi leads smartphone market in India

Chief marketing officer leaves Micromax (I am a fan.)

Sharp seeks to purchase 20% of Toshiba Memory Unit

Will AR live up to the hype? (familiar picture)

Cicret pops back up

343 Industries head leaves for Hololens

New Apple Product(s) to be released at WWDC?

Apple TV upgrade (is there more?)

Motley Fool -- Apple can't be happy about Amazon's new toys.

Microvision LASER welding Paper

The Importance of design

Apple suppliers looking to provide other services....

Augmented Reality Cocktail menu

Pegatron: iPhone8 Production on schedule (upstream suppliers) mass production to start in June. (this actually supports the notion that it could be announced in June.)

Qualcom - Ban the iPhone - Apple iPhone

JPMorgan analyst things iPhone 8 to be announced in June

AR to make paint production more efficient

India specific TV from SONY

Zuckerberg talks Augmented Reality.

Mustang Ad campaign? (looks familiar)

Samsung weird invention with projected keyboard. (really?)

ST SMART Driving summit in Israel

Hololens Inventor: The phone is already dead

Amazon Echo Competitor in June?

Foxconn ramps up Hunan plant

Never bet against porn. AR. (Hesitated, but it's NY POST)

Apple, 3D Sensing, STM (Reddit)

The Internet without Screens? (He's a little weird, but worth a few minutes.)

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