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SONY -- cutting losing divisions - investing heavily in partnership with MicroVision

"Sony is VERY bullish on our technology."

When a company is mercilessly cutting losing divisions, yet investing 33 million directly with MicroVision -- which is a small part of what they're doing in-house, you know they are dedicated to this technology, and expect it to be a significant winner.

These are very outstanding forecasts (which they call "conservative") from SONY. I expect it is unlikely that they can increase their devices income so significantly without adding a NEW kind of device to their product line up.

This morning's call MicroVision mentioned SONY many times openly. It is my opinion that we hear of a product release from SONY sooner, rather than later.

MicroVision and SONY have an eight year partnership contract on this technology -- until 2023!!

Full Article at BloombergBusiness

Kazuo Hirai, leading Sony Corp. on a comeback after years of losses, is giving himself plenty of room to deliver more good news in the future.
The chief executive officer says operating profit will more than quadruple to 320 billion yen ($2.7 billion) this fiscal year. That forecast given Thursday is about 20 percent less than analysts projected as Sony tries to shake its years-long reputation for disappointing investors.
Hirai is cutting costs and focusing on profitability in businesses where Sony has an advantage. That approach, coupled with Chief Financial Officer Kenichiro Yoshida’s emphasis on accountability, has helped boost the stock 103 percent in the past year.
“We have revised our forecasts down 15 times in the past seven years, and that’s not something we want to repeat,” Yoshida said in Tokyo. “The profit forecast takes into account a considerable risk from foreign exchange fluctuations.”
Sony forecast a 17 percent surge in revenue from devices, the unit that makes image sensors, and a 16 percent increase in the pictures division. New releases this year include “Spectre,” the latest installment in the James Bond franchise.
The earnings revival comes after Hirai sold Sony’s personal-computer business, pruned its smartphone lineup and placed the TV manufacturing business into a separate structure to boost performance after years of losses. It also started selling the PlayStation 4 console in China to tap the world’s biggest game market.

Smartphone Revamp

“The target of operating profit is conservative,” said Hideki Yasuda, an analyst at Ace Research Institute in Tokyo. “Investors expected too much so Sony is trying to lower their expectations.”
Sony stopped developing new smartphones for China and culled the Xperia lineup as it struggled to compete with Apple Inc., Samsung Electronics Co. and Chinese vendors. The company took a 180 billion-yen charge in the business last fiscal year.
The company boosted investment in semiconductors by 150 billion yen this year to tap surging demand for the sensors that power cameras in Apple and Samsung smartphones. It’s also shifting 220 employees involved in developing and producing chips for gaming consoles to the sensor business and other operations.

Highlights of the call -- so far

Eight year contract with SONY (This is good!!)

Plenty of Cash & Back-orders


Five OEMs showing various devices this year at CES. (They don't show them unless they're going to try and sell them soon!)

More OEMS showing interest since CES.

Details Later..... 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Xperia P2 - Leak

I have scraped this article, because I don't want to lose this and I'm not particularly familiar with the source.

This is a very interesting leak, because the battery in this phone would be significantly more powerful than other phone batteries, and the phone it self would be getting thicker instead of thinner, and likely thick enough to contain a standard Sony PicoP module.

If you note the illustration below, and look at the thickness diagrammed on the far right, you'll notice that the phone is quite thick, but also tapered, thicker at the top of the phone -- which would be convenient if a projector was contained in the thick end. 

We can't draw any conclusions, but it does look really interesting. Please check out the article at the source as well.

If insight offered by a Chinese site is to be believed, Sony is revving up the next-gen  Xperia-P series smartphone handset with some pretty impressive hardware in play.
The latest leak regarding Sony and its handset strategy indicates an Xperia P2 is in the works, and the leaked data even offers up a spec sheet that states the Xperia P2 will boast a 5.2-inch full HD Triluminos display and run on a 1.9GHz Snapdragon 810 SoC processor. The smartphone will reportedly include two cameras- a 12.1MP on the back of the handset and a 5.1MP on the front. What may be most interesting to smartphone consumers is the reported 4,240mAh battery.
For those who love to track smartphone specs and vendor development strategies another interesting aspect is that this next Xperia device won't feature Sony's OmniBalance design. From the looks of the images provided, the Xperia 2 will feature narrow bezels and will follow the lead of the Xperia in having a transparent strip on its bottom.

The news comes as Sony is struggling to remain competitive in the uber competitive smartphone market given Apple, Samsung and even Microsoft's advancement in smartphone sales. Reviving the Xperia P series could indicate Sony is a bit desperate to get a new handset in play even if it means picking up a design it first put into play three years ago on its first Xperia P.
The leak also indicates that the Xperia 2 will be a bit heavier and thicker in its form factor, with a width ranging from 8.9 to 10.9mm, and possibly have a curved back aspect. Going thicker in design is certainly a new strategy as most smartphone players have been striving, just like mobile computing PC makers, to be lean and thin as possible, even if it means compromising battery power.
If the leak on this Xperia P2 is correct apparently Sony thinks consumers wants great power features and are willing to carry a slightly heavier handset to attain longer battery use.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Letter from CEO from 2014 Annual Report

This note from MicroVision CEO Alexander Tokman is of particular note, and yet was apparently missed by many. Links are provided. 

I am an enthusiastic investor, especially now as the company transitions into sales. The reception of PicoP technology as I have demonstrated it to various people with a PicoAir from Celluon has been beyond enthusiastic. 

annual report (html)

Annual Report PDF

Dear Fellow Shareowner: 

We entered 2015 with strong momentum because of our achievements in 2014. We already have achieved two milestone events this year with our Fortune Global 100 customer: the licensing of our PicoP® display technology and receipt of multi-million dollar component orders for display engines our customer plans to manufacture.

In 2014 we focused on three core areas to transition us from development to production and commercialization of PicoP display technology: 

  • Complete development with Fortune Global 100 customer, support its commercialization efforts and supply key components
  • Build a pipeline of consumer and automotive OEM opportunities for MicroVision’s go-tomarket partners that are providing display engines incorporating our PicoP display technology
  • Ramp supply chain for volume production of MicroVision components in the second half of 2014.

Our 2014 progress in all three operating areas form the foundation for the significant growth we expect in 2015. 

Fortune Global 100 Customer

Early in the third quarter 2014 we completed our development program and began supporting our Fortune Global 100 customer with commercialization of its display module. In the second half of 2014 we entered into a new support services agreement and we began receiving orders for MicroVision key components. By the fourth quarter we began fulfilling the component orders. 

As our collaboration on display module commercialization continued, our teams were negotiating a commercial license agreement. In March 2015 we announced a multi-year license agreement, which included payment to MicroVision of an upfront license fee and royalties for display modules sold by the Fortune Global 100 company. Soon after the license agreement was in place we announced receipt of large component orders that we plan to begin delivering in the second half of 2015, continuing into 2016. 

These milestone events mark the culmination of two years of close collaboration. We believe our Fortune Global 100 partner is committed to growing this exciting new market, and we look forward to a bright future for both companies in this arena. 

Pipeline of Go-To-Market Opportunities 

We continued to engage with multiple companies to build a pipeline of go-to-market opportunities for PicoP display technology with an emphasis on the consumer market. Our main focus was placed on developing new opportunities for our go-to-market partners that are providing display engines incorporating PicoP display technology.

Last year we engaged key OEMs and major retailers in the United States and Asia to introduce them to the opportunity pico projection presents in a world where consumers are progressively turning to mobile devices for media consumption. MicroVision executed a series of direct consumer studies and produced a comprehensive design-in and market data “tool kit” to present the value proposition and demonstrate the advanced capabilities of display modules incorporating PicoP display technology.

We achieved a series of important 2014 market milestones, which included: 

  • Collaborating with a Fortune Global 500 electronics company on a display engine for an innovative smart phone product that company is designing.
  • Supporting Korean OEM Celluon, known for its innovative laser keyboard products, on the CES 2015 introduction of two pico projectors incorporating PicoP display technology that are already garnering very positive media and consumer reviews
  • At CES 2015 Celluon was not the only company showing products that incorporated our technology. Behind the scenes there were several other companies in the consumer and aftermarket automotive markets privately screening prototypes of products they had developed in 2014 for their potential customers and distributors.
  • On the embedded Head Up Display (HUD) front we have two active programs, one with a leading global Tier-One automotive supplier and one with a global vehicle OEM. We delivered prototype HUD systems to both of these customers in 2014, and these companies continue their evaluation and testing of the systems featuring PicoP display technology. The automotive segment is one with great promise, but it is also one with a long lead time and more complex requirements and infrastructure than consumer electronics. The timelines and our progress with these programs reflect those conditions.
  • Outside of consumer and automotive, PicoP display technology has other applications for display and imaging, and in 2014 we were pleased to work with a world leading logistics company on an industrial application. In the third quarter we delivered custom PicoP® display modules to be used as part of a new package guidance application aimed at increasing processing efficiency in real-time package sorting and routing. Our customer deployed the modules in a facility in the United States. In the future we look forward to pursuing other applications where PicoP display technology and its benefits in laser scanning and imaging can bring value to new market segments.

  • Supply Chain 

    2014 was about establishing baseline production capacity for the key components we supply to our go-to-market partners who are developing and producing display modules. We made solid progress to ramp production capability in the second half of 2014 and began shipments of components to our Fortune Global 100 customer in the fourth quarter.

    The supply chain developed in 2014 is expected to meet our goals of providing higher volumes at significantly lower costs for key components. 

    Financial Performance 

    By the fourth quarter of 2014 we were reporting at least half of revenue coming from sale of product and that more than two-thirds of backlog was comprised of component orders. We also successfully managed our cash used in operations at a level consistent with the reduced amount we targeted and achieved following our restructuring in 2012. As a result we reported a reduction in operating loss each quarter of 2014 compared to the same quarter the previous year and an overall year-over-year 13 percent reduction.

    Outlook for 2015 

    We look forward to taking advantage of the momentum we built in 2014 to propel us forward this year on the following goals: 

    • Support the Fortune Global 100 customer with display module commercialization
    • Develop new OEM/channel opportunities for display engine manufacturing partners that are incorporating PicoP display technology
    • Increase supply capacity for key MicroVision components
    • Achieve significant year-over-year growth through component sales and licensing of PicoP display technology
    • Evolve technology platform to offer enhanced features and capabilities for a compelling roadmap for licensees of PicoP display technology

    As we reflect on 2014 the watchword was transition, but as we set our sights on 2015 I believe that the word would be transformation. We expect to go from a company that primarily earned its revenue from development activities to one that is earning revenues from sale of goods and licensing for increasing numbers of products coming to market with our patented technology inside. 

    We expect significant growth in 2015 related to our presence in the market and our production capabilities, and we also plan to continuously evolve the capabilities of our technology. Not only are we looking to grow and transform, but we think consumer behaviors that make pico projection an attractive option are also transforming the entertainment and automotive industries. 

    TV Everywhere and cord cutting have become standard nomenclature in the industry and there are stories almost daily about the migration of younger viewers to digital platforms for television and media consumption. YouTube continues a dominant position as a social media and video consumption source and online-only shows are becoming mainstream, competing with network television for audience and premier industry awards. 

    In the automotive sector head up displays continue to come to market in a variety of vehicles and the topic of the connected car that integrates data and applications from the smartphone that is always with us is going from a talking point to a reality. Trade shows such as CES now have such a strong presence by automakers that they rival auto shows for debuting new and exciting technology innovations. 

    All of these market dynamics paired with the introduction of new pico projection products by companies embracing technology like ours point to a vibrant market with multiple opportunities to capture consumer awareness and excitement and fuel the growth that we foresee for ourselves and our industry. 
    It is against this backdrop that we thank our shareholders for their support. We have a steadfast conviction that MicroVision and PicoP display technology have a revolutionary approach to changing the way people view and interact with visual information in an increasingly mobile world. 

    Alexander Tokman 
    President and Chief Executive Officer 
    April 20, 2015

Get alerts to new Sony Devices

Microvision's PicoP technology will be featured in something soon. Let SONY give you the heads up!!

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India Focused Sony Smartphone?

India is a country that for many reasons PicoP could be extremely successful. Among many of the issues India has is a shortage of Cinema screens. 

A smart phone with an embedded or dedicated accessory that includes PicoP technology would find a fantastic market in India.

Android Headlines

There’s a lot that Sony, as a brand, can offer consumers in India, like integration with their PlayStation offerings, a quality camera experience and waterproofed smartphones. How Sony capitalizes on all of their brand strengths with Indian-only devices remains to be seen, but we’re sure that they’ve been thinking long and hard about this. Right now, the Japanese brand has 10% market share in India, and the hope is that they can boost this to 15% before long. Treating the Indian market as a priority for them will definitely help the Indian consumer to warm to their Xperia line of products, but they will definitely need to be good value. Often, Sony smartphones are very expensive compared to the likes of the Moto G and Indian names, so if Sony wants to be successful in the market, they will need to compete on price as well as features.

Project Ara Working

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

PC Magazine Review

PC Magazine

The Celluon PicoPro ($379.99) is one of the most portable projectors on the planet. It weighs just 7 ounces complete with batteries, and it's small enough to fit comfortably in a shirt pocket. It lacks some features that are common for pico projectors, like the ability to show images stored in memory. However, it more than makes up for that by letting you easily project images from a cell phone or tablet, and it offers some neat tricks of its own, including eliminating the need to focus. Most important, it offers enough to make it our Editors' Choice pico projector.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kitchen of the Future

Ikea Imagines kitchen of the future.

Another application for PicoP technology.

When information can be displayed anywhere, the applications are limitless.


At the moment if you’re trying to follow a recipe, you’d either have a book in front of you or for the more tech savvy, a tablet with video instructions. However with IKEA’s imagining of the kitchen of the future, the tabletop itself is one giant piece of technology. The table will be able to detect the objects placed on it thanks to a camera-equipped projector, such as ingredients, and will be able to offer up different recipes that one might be able to cook up with their existing ingredients.

Ikea Concept Kitchen

Previous Summary of Enhanced Surfaces (This stuff is COOL)

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Concurrent Projector Camera for Gaming

Patently Mobile

This is a snippet. Go to Patently Mobile for Full article

The Chessboard Example

Getting to the heart of the invention, Microsoft provides us with a simple example of a multi-site video communication having two sites share a surface regarding a virtual chessboard that is concurrently displayed to players at two remote locations.

Alternately, a real chessboard can be included in the first of the two locations, with virtual chess pieces being projected onto both the real board, and onto a virtual copy of the chess board at the second location captured by the camera of the Concurrent Projector-Camera at the first location.

For purposes of explanation, assuming the use of a virtual chessboard and pieces in both locations, each player will see a projection of the chess set and the other players interaction with that projected chess set (captured by a local camera associated with each player) without any "visual echo" resulting from either players interaction with the projected chess set. A simple example of this type of use of the Concurrent Projector-Camera is illustrated by FIG. 2 above.

In particular, Microsoft's patent FIG. 2 shows two Concurrent Projector-Cameras (#205 and #210) at separate locations (i.e., "location 1" and "location 2"). Each Concurrent Projector-Camera is projecting a virtual copy of the same chess set (#220 and #225, respectively) into the shared workspace in each of location 1 and location 2.

However, in addition to the projected chess set being projected into each workspace, the Concurrent Projector-Camera 210 in location 2 is also projecting a real-time video of a first user's hand #235 captured by the camera of the Concurrent Projector-Camera #205 from the first user's actual hand as it interacts with the projected chess set in location 1. Similarly, the Concurrent Projector-Camera in location 1 is also projecting a real-time video of a second user's hand #245 captured by the camera of the Concurrent Projector-Camera #210 from the second user's actual hand #240 as it interacts with the projected chess set in location 2.

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Sorry about being slow

I've had the worst cold of my life lately, and I'm a little behind....

I think our little dip is about done.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

PicoPro Review - Print & Online Version, Dallas Morning News

PicoPro projector brings big features to small package

My wife has always wanted to show movies outside on summer evenings.
You know, tack a white sheet up on the side of the garage, then run an extension cord from the house to the middle of the yard, set up the projector and laptop and enjoy.
But we never have actually watched a movie outside. It always seems like a bit too much hassle.
I think with the new PicoPro projector from Celluon, we might just get to have our backyard Katharine Hepburn film festival after all.
The PicoPro ($349, is small, as you might guess from the name.
It’s about the size of an iPhone 6 but about half an inch thick, and it weighs just 6.7 ounces.
You might be thinking, “Wait. Tiny projectors have tiny light sources and they are way too dim to be watchable,” and you’d be mostly correct.
Every small projector I’ve used has lacked brightness, but the PicoPro doesn’t use a bulb — it uses red, green and blue lasers to project its image.
How it works
The lasers are fairly bright, and as an added bonus, the image is sharp at any distance. There is no focus knob on the PicoPro — it doesn’t need one.
Notice I said the image is “fairly bright.”
The PicoPro’s image gets better if you turn out the lights (or wait for the sun to set), especially if you want to project onto a large surface. As with other projectors, the screen can make a big difference. A white sheet or wall is a good choice, but a portable screen makes a big difference in brightness.
In a room with regular lighting, the picture is vivid up to about a 50-inch diagonal image. If you want a really good image at sizes up to 80 or 100 inches (or bigger), you’ll need some darkness and a nice white surface.
Celluon lists the PicoPro’s contrast ratio at 80,000:1, which means there is a big brightness difference between black and white. I don’t have the equipment to measure the contrast, but the picture looked good to my untrained eye.
The projector can display video sent wirelessly via the Miracast technology used in many Android or Windows devices or from a mini-HDMI port, which I used with my iPhone and Macbook Pro.
The projector includes an HDMI to mini-HDMI cable. If you want to connect your iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to provide your own HDMI to Lightning adapter. The PicoPro on sale for $349 at Amazon does not include an HDMI cable. Celluon sells the projector and cable for $379.
The PicoPro has a resolution of 1920 by 720 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio), which is just shy of true HD but still looks quite sharp.
Power and sound
Having lasers for a light source brings a few benefits, including energy efficiency and cool running. There is no fan in the projector, so it’s completely silent and not hot to the touch. While you can power it from any USB port, the PicoPro has a built-in battery that provides two hours of wireless operation or three hours through HDMI.
There is a small speaker in the projector, but to my ear, it wasn’t much better than the speaker in my iPhone. There is a headphone jack on the projector to connect better speakers.
So my outdoor movie experience is getting easier.
The PicoPro can show an entire movie powered by its battery, and I can use a phone or tablet as a source instead of a computer. Combine that with a battery-powered speaker, and it’s possible to take your outdoor movie night on the road.
By the way, there is a wireless-only version called the PicoAir available for $299.
I am impressed with the PicoPro for both ease of setup and quality of the image on the wall.
Being wireless, I walked around with it in my office to see how it would work around different conference rooms. As long as there was a screen or a clean white wall (or whiteboard) I was really happy with the picture.
Pros: Very small, quiet, focus-free, battery life is good.
Cons: Speaker is weak, no wireless support for iOS.
Bottom Line: Very handy projector well worth the cost.
Follow Jim Rossman on
Twitter at @jimrossman.

Good Z4 Summary


James Bond's next smartphone

We learned a fair bit about the Xperia Z4 when hackers targeted Sony Pictures as apparent details about the smartphone were included in leaked documents pertaining to the next James Bond film, Spectre.

It seems Daniel Craig's 007 is set to be equipped with the Xperia Z3 successor, although his version will probably be outfitted with an extra feature or two.

Read more: 
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Celluon Press Release

  • Saturday, April 11, 2015

Now Available on Amazon: PicoPro and PicoAir by Celluon, the World’s First HD Laser Pico Projectors

Celluon’s radically new pico projection products deliver HD laser-generated images for a big screen, immersive experience from a handheld, battery operated device

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PicoPro HD Laser Pico Projectors by Celluon
Seattle, Wash. (PRWEB) April 10, 2015
Celluon, a global leader in mobile projection technologies, is pleased to announce the retail availability of the PicoPro and PicoAir. The pocket-sized PicoPro and PicoAir, the only HD laser pico projectors in the world, allow users to create immersive viewing experiences wherever they may be: at home, the office, visiting friends or family, and even outdoors. The PicoPro and PicoAir are now available for purchase at
The PicoPro and PicoAir project 1920 X 720p HD images—a custom resolution that packs in more pixels than the standard 720p image. The PicoAir is optimized for Miracast-enabled Android devices while the PicoPro also offers the added function of wired connectivity via HDMI for iOS users and those who want the most connectivity options.
The PicoPro and PicoAir can also connect wirelessly to most Windows 8.1 laptops with Miracast.
With a contrast ratio of 80,000:1 and 16.7M colors, the PicoPro and PicoAir create an extraordinarily vivid picture at up to 250”. By incorporating MicroVision’s patented PicoP® display technology, the HD laser pico projectors produce a perpetually clear image that is always in focus with a broad color gamut unmatched by any other pico projection technology.
The PicoPro and PicoAir’s best-in-class laser display engine technology allows them to appear notably brighter than traditional LED pico projectors of similar lumens when viewed side by side. And, as ambient light decreases, the PicoPro and PicoAir have an ever-improving image.
In a thin, light, and portable wireless package, the PicoPro and PicoAir also pack in a built-in battery with a life of 2-3.5 hours, a 1W speaker, and 3.5mm audio jack for superior usability. Celluon’s pico projectors break free from the bothersome fans typically associated with projectors, remaining cool in operation while offering a fanless, noiseless experience. To complete the package, the PicoPro and PicoAir come with a holding mount, allowing users to stabilize their projections anytime, anyplace. Users can also customize their look by selecting black, white, gold, or white/gray color options.
The PicoPro ($349.99) and PicoAir ($299.99) are available now for sale at
To learn more about Celluon’s entire line of products showcasing laser projection technologies, including the famed Epic laser keyboard and evoMouse, please visit
About Celluon
Founded in 2004, Celluon is a global pioneer in developing products with laser-based technologies that enable enhanced mobile user experiences. With a strong foundation in research and development and a pursuit of continuous innovation, Celluon offers products that answer unmet consumer needs in the rapidly evolving mobile market. With the rising expectation for information and entertainment at your fingertips any time, anywhere, Celluon offers devices that seamlessly integrate with smartphones to expand their usability beyond the confines of the built-in touchscreen.
Whether it’s big screen images projected by the world’s first laser-based, always-in-focus, HD pico projectors, or a range of keyboard products using its patented 3D Electronic Perception Technology, Celluon excels at incorporating ground-breaking technology in its products to offer consumers new and exciting user experiences. With its focus on mobility, Celluon surpasses the competition with small, portable, products that can go anywhere without sacrificing quality.
To learn more, visit
PicoP is a registered trademark of MicroVision, Inc.

Friday, April 10, 2015


From Eonline

This is a joke, but most jokes have some truth in them: People are watching a LOT of TV on the go - which is why this is funny.

This is also the reason that PicoP technology is so perfect. Even though we can get nearly any content on our phone, or iPad, we LIKE to share video we're viewing with other people. That's why we go out to the movies.

With PicoP -- we can watch on the go -- AND share the content with other people at the same time.

Dallas Morning News Review

Great review. This is what the reviews of PicoP technology are going to be!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pico Air Ad

This is why I'm invested in MicroVision. They can do this. (I have one of these projectors.) Notice the scan lines --- that's the actual picture from the projector.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Celluon PicoPro Ad

Note at the end where we get the "Image by PicoP" & Microvision credit.

FYI -- we saw videos like this a couple of months ago, and Celluon pulled them quite quickly. (they were for review purposes.) I have no idea if they will do the same with this one. When I did pull this video up, there did seem to be some language like that included with it.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

USA TODAY - 5 gadgets everyone will own in 5 years:

USA Today

Pocket-sized home projector: Turn your ceiling into an HD experience and enjoy your favorite TV shows from the comfort of your own bed — without the need for a TV.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Xperia Z4 Imminent? (New Features Ad Campaign) -- UPDATED

The Mystery Port is worth paying attention to in this context.

FCC License Granted

And More Pictures (Haven't had a chance to really go through this....)

Android Headlines

"Sony Mobile...will be continuing to develop new and exciting mobile products for users around the globe"

"...Sony Mobile is starting that process with a new globally spanned ad campaign that is reportedly going to be using a big budget, although Sony wouldn’t disclose the amount in regards to an actual dollar figure,..."

"The new ads will focus on informing consumers how they can make their everyday life extraordinary, which is Sony’s internal goal. To help consumers turn their ordinary days into extraordinary events and moments utilizing what Sony’s devices have to offer. With each ad spot, which will be seen across TV, billboards, and online, Sony will be telling consumers what their phones can do using the words “I Can” to express specific features or capabilities. Two of the most notable capabilities of Sony Mobile’s more recent devices are exceptional two day battery life (at least) and the IP68 waterproofing. For these particular features, Sony is releasing ads that state “I can stay awake for days,” and “I can survive underwater,” as well as another that mentions “I can see in the dark” meant to highlight the low-light photo quality of Sony’s devices. They don’t come right out and say exactly what the features are, but the ads are new and bold and just attention-grabbing enough to leave consumers with wanting to know more,

Android Headlines
Z4 MobileChoiceUK

"A new smartphone made an appearance today with the code-name Sony E6553. Even though this code-name may have no meaning for us, it is most definitely the Xperia Z4, Sony's next flagship.
Sony let Mobile World Congress pass by without launching the Xperia Z4 and we are yet to hear about the release date or specifications from the tech giant. However, the new device captured at GFXBench revealed quite a few specifications today that seem to indicate a real deal is in the offing.
Powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor, the device features 23GB internal storage and 3GB RAM. A 5.1 inch full HD display is complemented by the powerful Adreno 430 graphics."
"The Xperia Z4 is definitely headed for a debut some time this month or next, as more and more details continue to come out. A few days ago, purported specs of the Xperia Z4 leaked out on GFXBench. Yesterday, it seems as if the upcoming Sony device has passed through the FCC."

"According to the FCC documents, the unnamed Sony device packs nearly the same dimensions as the Xperia Z3. One of the highlights of the latest info on what could be of the Xperia Z4, is that it features a microSD card slot. It’s good to see that Sony is sticking to their guns, because as we’ve seen with Samsung, microSD expansion isn’t that important.
Not much else is mentioned throughout the FCC documents, although Phandroid notes that “the device in question is packing a nice amount of frequency bands to support US networks.”

So, multiple cores for efficient video playback, a "mystery port," easy-access MicroSD... and rigged up for Support on American networks. 

Note -- we have no idea whether PicoP is involved with the Z4 at all -- but it's a place to watch, and apparently we'll know more about this device very soon.

Remember Fire TV?

The headline reads:

Now, if you've been onboard and following MicroVision for a while, you'll remember something key. If you're relatively new to following MicroVision, this will be new. Watch this video. (Odds are you haven't seen it, because -- look at the view count.)

The video below is projecting on the ceiling with a Kindle Fire tablet with an embedded PicoP projector. From the 2013 Annual Stockholder's Meeting. 

That will give some interesting context to the following snippets from an April 2, 2015 MotleyFool article: From Motley Fool

The headline reads: 

Amazon Fire TV Just took a huge shot at AppleTV and Chromecast.

Road warriors rejoiceFirst, Amazon added public Wi-Fi compatibility to both Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Translation? Fire TV will now work on those pesky hotel Wi-Fi connections that require a Web browser to sign in.
This might sound like a minor improvement, but it addresses a major complaint among a large group of media streaming connoisseurs who have so far been disappointed by the lack of options to seamlessly complete this task. For example, neither Google Chromecast nor Apple TV currently support public Wi-Fi by default. As a result, users of these devices have had to resort to cumbersome workarounds such as spoofing their MAC address or using a separate travel router to essentially trick such Wi-Fi connections into allowing their devices to connect.

Amazon Fire TV now supports external USB storage, Credit: Amazon.
External storageNext, Amazon Fire TV now supports the use of USB flash drives (up to 128GB) for additional storage of games and apps. This update doesn't extend to the smaller Fire TV Stick -- which is roughly the same size as a USB flash drive in the first place -- but it's still great for Fire TV users given the thousands of games and apps the platform has supported since its launch. Apple TV, for its part, has a USB port for service and support, while Chromecast has a size/hardware dilemma in this case that is similar to Fire TV Stick's.

From Motley Fool

Now, configure one of those for external storage, and public WiFi then throw in PicoP and you have a HUGE winner.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Asking Readers for Experiences with PicoAir or Other MVIS experiences

If you have Celluon PicoAir, and have your own review, or experience with showing it to other people, I'm going to compile reactions to the technology in action on a page of this blog.

It still amazes me how positive the reviews of this are, and the enthusiasm with which it is greeted every time I show it to people who haven't seen it.

Nearly everyone wants to buy it -- from teenagers who see it, business people who see its potential, and even my older neighbors, I showed them some pictures with it, and they wanted to know where they could get it. (3 foot pictures are a LOT easier to look at than 4 inch pictures.)

So, if you visit here, and use it, and don't mind sharing your story, use the contact form on the right.


Your name (real name, fake name, name from a message board)
Where you were
Date (or approximate date)
Your story.