Friday, April 3, 2015

Xperia Z4 Imminent? (New Features Ad Campaign) -- UPDATED

The Mystery Port is worth paying attention to in this context.

FCC License Granted

And More Pictures (Haven't had a chance to really go through this....)

Android Headlines

"Sony Mobile...will be continuing to develop new and exciting mobile products for users around the globe"

"...Sony Mobile is starting that process with a new globally spanned ad campaign that is reportedly going to be using a big budget, although Sony wouldn’t disclose the amount in regards to an actual dollar figure,..."

"The new ads will focus on informing consumers how they can make their everyday life extraordinary, which is Sony’s internal goal. To help consumers turn their ordinary days into extraordinary events and moments utilizing what Sony’s devices have to offer. With each ad spot, which will be seen across TV, billboards, and online, Sony will be telling consumers what their phones can do using the words “I Can” to express specific features or capabilities. Two of the most notable capabilities of Sony Mobile’s more recent devices are exceptional two day battery life (at least) and the IP68 waterproofing. For these particular features, Sony is releasing ads that state “I can stay awake for days,” and “I can survive underwater,” as well as another that mentions “I can see in the dark” meant to highlight the low-light photo quality of Sony’s devices. They don’t come right out and say exactly what the features are, but the ads are new and bold and just attention-grabbing enough to leave consumers with wanting to know more,

Android Headlines
Z4 MobileChoiceUK

"A new smartphone made an appearance today with the code-name Sony E6553. Even though this code-name may have no meaning for us, it is most definitely the Xperia Z4, Sony's next flagship.
Sony let Mobile World Congress pass by without launching the Xperia Z4 and we are yet to hear about the release date or specifications from the tech giant. However, the new device captured at GFXBench revealed quite a few specifications today that seem to indicate a real deal is in the offing.
Powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 octa-core processor, the device features 23GB internal storage and 3GB RAM. A 5.1 inch full HD display is complemented by the powerful Adreno 430 graphics."
"The Xperia Z4 is definitely headed for a debut some time this month or next, as more and more details continue to come out. A few days ago, purported specs of the Xperia Z4 leaked out on GFXBench. Yesterday, it seems as if the upcoming Sony device has passed through the FCC."

"According to the FCC documents, the unnamed Sony device packs nearly the same dimensions as the Xperia Z3. One of the highlights of the latest info on what could be of the Xperia Z4, is that it features a microSD card slot. It’s good to see that Sony is sticking to their guns, because as we’ve seen with Samsung, microSD expansion isn’t that important.
Not much else is mentioned throughout the FCC documents, although Phandroid notes that “the device in question is packing a nice amount of frequency bands to support US networks.”

So, multiple cores for efficient video playback, a "mystery port," easy-access MicroSD... and rigged up for Support on American networks. 

Note -- we have no idea whether PicoP is involved with the Z4 at all -- but it's a place to watch, and apparently we'll know more about this device very soon.

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