Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mobile video services to launch & Google Chromecast

We're very close to a world-wide launch of a big-screen that fits in your pocket.

Everyone likes mobile. Everyone likes big screens.

Is it a coincidence that two major mobile companies in the US launch or re-launch their mobile content services? Services that they've set up at enormous expense?

I don't think so.

C|Net Go90 on Thursday 

"Go90, a free ad-based service that will play a selection of short and long videos, will be available in the app stores for both Apple devices and those running on Google's Android software."

Go90 Original Content
Verizon invested 5 Billion in Mobile Video

Watchable at ReCode

"The fact that you can watch Watchable without being a Comcast subscriber is worth noting, since many people believe Comcast will end up trying to make real money outside its “footprint” of areas where it sells Internet and TV access."

This article isn't very positive, but it's because apparently because the the fact that there is so much competition in the space, and that Watchable is replacing a different streaming service. (thanks Bill.)


This is additionally interesting because of Comcast's WiFi sharing program. 

.... And Google's NEW Chromecast -- which scans all of your streaming services to help you find the content you want to watch. (I'm looking for details, but I'm assuming this is an HDMI connector that will be able to fit an MPCL1.)

Google's new Chromecast

Portability is Priceless

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Back to Basics

Sure, we're all wondering what the future is going to bring with this little company. We're getting swept up in a whole lot of market turmoil. Aggressive (and ill-advised) shorting of the stock hasn't helped either.

For those of us who were at the ASM in 2013 and saw the PicoP equipped Samsung phone and the PicoP equipped Kindle Fire tablet -- that was absolutely awesome. I wasn't the only person there wondering out loud where and when I could get one of those devices.

Just in case you're curious, here's what it looked like (the PicoP projected image is on the ceiling -- a powerful plug-in model is projecting on the wall.)

This capability is due to be available world-wide in the coming month. It's not a fantasy. 

It took longer than we expected - but that's common when dealing with completely new technologies. When we first see it, we hope that it will be available immediately, or "next year" -- but prototyping is a different animal than mass production. Creating mass production for a new item is as laden with peril as getting the first prototype from the concept. I think that the MicroVision / Sony team has done an incredible job making that happen.

In a couple of weeks the MP-CL1 will be available in the US.

I'm pretty sure that we'll benefit as well from the massive investments made in mobile streaming video -- which is arriving in the same time-frame with an 80 million dollar promotional budget from Verizon.

Are we nervous? Sure, we're a small company being jostled around by a volatile market.

Am I confident? Yes. Everyone who I've showed this technology to has been wowed by it.... millions of potential investors, all looking for the next big thing -- will start seeing this in action from a big company in the next couple of weeks.

Everyone wants a bigger screen on their cellphone. This is a six foot screen you can put in your pocket.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Go90 $80 Million Dollar Marketing Blitz

If there are people who don't know about streaming TV, they'll know soon. 

I'm still interested that MCPL1 and Go90 are being released so closely together - are Verizon and SONY aware of what the other is doing? Are they working together? If that's the case, this is going to be huge for MicroVision.

If they're being forced to advertise because competition is stiff -- all the better.

Check the full article at the source.

From New York Post

"Verizon, surrounded by a feisty group of rivals, will look to further stand out from the crowd this week when it debuts go90, a mobile video service that, sources tell The Post, will be backed by a powerful $80 million marketing blitz."

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Go90 Original content

From TechTimes

Check it out at the source! Ad-supported content specifically for mobile devices.

Series Titles

  • Cold
  • Mr Student Body President
  • The Fourth Door
  • Do Over
  • Miss Earth

Go90 will partner up with other big names, such as ESPN, Scripps Networks Interactive, AwesomenessTV, Vice Media Viacom and Discovery Communications. Three original lifestyle programs will be launched by Endemol Beyond USA's lifestyle network, ICON. Verizon plans to feature primetime TV shows, live broadcasting and original content. Around 5 million clients from the millennial audience are beta testing and providing feedback on the Go90 to make the launch as flawless as possible.

One way for Verizon to monetize Go90 is to sell targeted ads on the platform. The company also expects a surge in data traffic, as it aims to create a vibrant "social entertainment platform." Users can discover shows by following peers with the same preferences, and, in a more engaging feature, they will be able to clip and share segments of a show.

Augmented Reality Image Problem?

Check the article out at the source. Basically, Augmented Reality has enormous potential. 

MicroVision leads in Augmented Reality Patents.

To date, Augmented Reality (AR) has been referred to as “the biggest technological advancement of our lifetime” by some, a mere “gimmick” by others or, worst yet, the next iteration of the QR code. The divisive term was introduced more than 25 years ago (although elements of AR technology have been used in science labs around the world since the mid-20th century), but if there’s one thing AR proponents and its naysayers can agree on, it’s the simple fact that AR, as we know it today, has an image problem.

...AR, in all its many forms, will be at the forefront of the next revolution in the way we connect with the world around us.

...Education provides perhaps the most tangible example of the power of AR. AugmentedReality technology in the classrooms — from today’s tablet- and mobile device-based approach to tomorrow’s heads up displays — empower the sort of visual and contextual learning proven to improve information retention to the extent that an estimated 80 percent of visual content is retained by short-term memory compared to an estimated 25 percent for spoken content.

...Take for example APX’s Skylight that offers a hands-free, AR-powered solution to empower workers across various fields to directly connect with each other and their environments to create a more efficient workforce. Companies like Daqri and WaveOptics are creating devices to enhance visual knowledge of the work environment while keeping both hands free.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

MPCL1 Review

From TechRadar

Check it out at the source. I copied heavily because I'm not sure how long the article will remain in place.


The Sont MP-CL1 provides a sharp, clear picture in an extremely pocketable form factor. Combined with a premium feel, this little guy may turn some heads.


It may be a bit surprising considering its small form factor, but the MP-CL1 sports some impressive image quality. Although the resolution is a bit of an oddball at 1920 x 720, I found that HD video was pleasant to watch. However, a full HD resolution still may be preferable for image purists.

Upon booting the projector up for the first time, colors were fairly poppy, but I did find the picture to be a tad warmer than I'd like. The colors weren't horribly off, and it's mostly a subjective matter, but a quick jaunt to the settings menu allowed for a bit of tinkering. However, some might find the number of picture settings to be a bit limiting, with Color, Hue and Saturation being the only three options.

The MP-CL1's brightness, 32 lumens, was of particular concern for me initially. Sure enough, I found that the projector is definitely not an option for brightly-lit rooms. However, it performed admirably in dim lighting, and impressed me quite a bit with its sharpness and clarity in true, dark environments. It seems that the laser projection system in this little guy really makes a difference as far as brightness is concerned.

One particularly nice feature of the MP-CL1's laser projection system is its autofocus. Oftentimes, one of the most frustrating aspects of setting up a projector is dialing in the proper focus settings so text and images pop. With the MP-CL1, there's no need for a focus control, and I found that the projector kept everything in proper focus no matter how far I moved it from the projection surface.

Finally, although I initially questioned how the MP-CL1's output would fare, the picture quality proved to be clear, sharp and bright enough for dim-to-dark environments. Add in keystone correction and no need to manually set the focus, and the MP-CL1's display prowess makes it an extremely attractive offering.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Giznoise MP-CL1 HD Mobile laser Pico Projector

From Giznoise

"So, it seems that Sony have entered the market into what I personally feel is going to be the next big thing – Hi Definition portable pico projectors."

We want the new MP-CL1 Sony

We WANT THIS -- from a Mexico Based website.

And a cool picture that shows that Sony has plans for retail packaging.

Versus Media Mexico

UnWire HongKong

Verizon - $5 BILLION Invested in Streaming Video

From Nasdaq

Maybe they know something about PicoP and its utility with mobile devices and the trend towards mobile from fixed.

This service will be free to users and supported by advertising.

Whatever you may think of PicoP -- it will be greeted on arrival with a primed and ready ecosystem for its adoption.

Have SONY and Verizon been coordinating their efforts? The timing couldn't be better if they planned it that way.

Five Billion invested, with the biggest cellular network -- and they're worried about the competition.

Verizon is preparing to launch its free, ad-supported streaming video service called Go90 later this month. Adoption of the new application will be closely watched by investors, given that the company has dedicated considerable resources to building its streaming video and mobile advertising capabilities, via a series of acquisitions over the last two years at a cost of roughly $5 billion. There is a larger trend to watch here as well; the service should provide an indicator as to how combining an ad platform with a wireless carrier pans out. Below we discuss Verizon's growing interest in mobile content and advertising and the prospects of the new streaming application.

Advertising spending is moving away from traditional media such as newspapers and TV, onto the Internet and mobile devices. Total digital ad spending is expected to increase 15% to $58.6 billion in 2015, according to research firm eMarketer, and mobile ad spending is expected to rise 50% to $28.7 billion.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Watch MediaTek

From Bidness

I've been watching for MediaTek for some time because I have heard that its chips are optimized for video streaming.

This article provides some confirmation of that - some of us think that phones or smaller devices optimized for video streaming are going to be a HUGE market.

 I've clipped the key lines from the article, but check it out at the link.

Qualcomm, Inc.: How MediaTek Won Chip Orders For Next Amazon Fire TV

We at Bidness Etc believe MediaTek might stand to make a statement by luring Amazon. The truth is MediaTek won’t register a massive win against Qualcomm, especially since the video-streaming device market is a niche market and is considerably smaller than the phone market when it comes to volume. However, MediaTek is making rapid strides in a market largely dominated by fewer players, and winning orders for Amazon products will represent a major statement of intent from the Taiwan-based chip maker.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Saturday, September 19, 2015

MicroVision WAY ahead of the competition

So, check this out. A load of companies say they're going to try to do something that's on the cutting edge -- equip their employees with smart glasses.

Why companies are RUSHING to fit their employees with smart glasses.

"In a recent survey conducted by Herndon, Va.-based APX Labs—who collected responses from 201 U.S.-based companies in various industries—60 percent of participants who don't currently use smart glasses were open to adopting it in the near future while 51 percent said they have plans for using smart glasses in the upcoming year."

"The smart glasses data represented a faster projected growth rate than any other “smart” wearable tech device mentioned in the report, including growth rates related to smart watches, activity/fitness trackers, indoor location sensors/beacons and wearable mobile cameras."

"In terms of industries where smart glasses will become prevalent, APX Labs CEO/founder Brian Ballard said that he believes manufacturing, field service, maintenance and repair, material handling and logistics, and inspection/quality control will be key. “These are important jobs, with lots of people and where improving performance in terms of process speed, employee productivity, production quality and compliance/safety has giant impacts on the bottom line,” he added."

Now, you may be thinking "What does this have to do with MicroVision?" Check this out. Not only is MicroVision a leader in IP in this space, but they've ALREADY DONE IT.

Their display is improved, and the software is improved, and they've already been 
there. Listen to these guys laugh at what's 10 years ahead of its time. Listen to the guy in the blue shirt.

The technology (the supporting software, tracking, and even the display, has caught up with sentiment.)

  Now that MicroVision has PicoP well in hand and ready to generate cash for the company through its partners (SONY & others), they can begin re-engaging with this market that is clearly now ready for what they have to offer.

WiseGeek What is a Virtual Retinal Display?

Bathwater as game screen

We saw this a long time ago, and it just popped up again. IF you haven't seen it, it's worth a look. 

I'm not sure why it has just re-appeared.

From Inverse

Friday, September 18, 2015

PlayStation Video Update - Download for offline viewing

One of the things I've been looking for to make the environment for PicoP most accommodating is a way to download desired content to the mobile device for playing later.

Streaming is not always convenient, efficient or possible. I've been eager to see that means of retaining some content on the mobile device is both possible and easy.

Looks like now we have that too.

Xperia Blog

Honeywell Partnership?

This is likely a case of bad journalism.

But then the plot thickens: This is at the top of the Yahoo Finance page today: (thanks Omer)

Honeywell CEO "I want to be the Apple of the industrial sector"

"“The focus on internal processes I also think is a big deal, and that's why you've seen us do things like the Honeywell operating system, which is really the Toyota production system 'Honeywell-ized.' How we do velocity product development, the focus that we've had with what we call the Honeywell user experience, where I want to become the Apple of the industrial sector. We really spend a lot of time on saying, 'how do you become better and better with all your processes?' because everything always comes down to people and process," Cote says."


While digging through the various things I have programmed to enter my in-box this morning, I came across this article about Honeywell "OnRAMP" design.

I pulled this earlier as I continued to dig through information about OnRAMP. Most of that is listed on Honeywell's Site about OnRamp discusses engine efficiency, fuel efficiency and the like I had second thoughts. 

However, the article was about "Augmented Reality" and Honeywell, and clearly uses an image from MicroVision. You decide... 

The image they used for the HUD seemed familiar to me. I referred to the MicroVision Website, and the picture referring to the Honeywell HUD is the SAME image that MicroVision uses on their website to show their Heads Up Display Technology.

We'll see. I'll be calling IR this morning to figure this out. -- I received a reply: This is the key part of the reply:

"There is no attribution to MicroVision for the photo so do not draw any conclusions."

From VRFocus

"One of the new features being added to modern vehicles includes head-up displays, which use a type of augmented reality (AR) to enhance drivers awareness of the road and traffic environment during low-visibility conditions. The result being increased safety.
Chris Greentree, general manager of Honeywell Automotive Software said in a statement: “Our software offerings provide auto manufacturers the capability to solve complex powertrain challenges with easy-to-use desktop software. The OnRAMP suite of tools can use predictive software to replace physical sensors and also improve the driving experience for the end consumer.”
This image taken from the VRFocus Article

This image from MicroVision Website

SONY Z5 & MPCL1 EVENT - September 25

From SONY Hong Kong Facebook

For the win, it may be associated with the "Bond Edition" Z5 (Bond Edition)

(Translated by Google:)

The new Sony Xperia ™ Z5, Z5 Compact and Sony mini projector (MP-CL1) coming soon! Want to experience the first to enroll immediately experience will it! Shipping costs shelf!

Xperia ™ Z5, Z5 Compact and Sony mini projector (MP-CL1) experience will
Date: September 25
Time: 7:30 - 9:30
Location: Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong Innovation Centre 72 Chamber 1A-B
Capacity: 100
Fee: Free

Sony mini projector (MP-CL1) experience will
Date: September 26
Game 1: 2:30 - 3:30
Game 2: 3:45 pm - 4:45
Game 3: 5:00 - 6:00
Location: Sony Studio Causeway classroom
(555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong 16th Floor, East Point Centre)
Capacity: 20 per game
Fee: Free

Deadline: September 23 12:00 noon
Announced: September 24
Registration URL:

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

World Cellphone Use by Country

This information popped up in a conversation on InvestorVillage. The specific reference is here. (I cleaned it up a little so the display would be better.) 

As PicoP powered projectors are going to be primarily cellphone accessories whether embedded or otherwise attached to the cellphone, this is a good analysis of the market for MicroVision's PicoP.
It is particularly noteworthy that the market for cellphones is nearly as large as the entire population of the world. And in numerous places they have significantly more cellphone connections than people. 

Also of note is that cellphones are commonplace in second and third world countries, much more so than I expected. 

In some of those places -- where people are unable to afford the price, space and electric bills to support a regular television set, they will be able to afford an accessory PicoP -- and access media like western audiences through their cellular devices. 

Our potential market is gigantic and ready for the product that MicroVision can deliver with its partners.

Rank Country or regionNumber of
mobile phones
/100 citizens

 World6,800,000,000+ 7,012,000,000 97.1 2013
01China China1,276,660,000 1,369,811,00093.2 2014
02India India960,579,472 1,267,402,000 77.5 2015
03United States United States327,577,529 317,874,628103.1 2014
04Brazil Brazil284,200,000 201,032,714141.3 2015
05Russia Russia256,116,000142,905,200155.5 2013
06Indonesia Indonesia236,800,000237,556,363 99.7 2013
07Nigeria Nigeria167,371,945177,155,75494.5 2014
08Pakistan Pakistan140,000,000180,854,781 77.0 2014
09Bangladesh Bangladesh126,870,000157,497,000 80.5 2013
10Japan Japan121,246,700127,628,09595.1 2015
11Germany Germany107,000,00081,882,342130.1 2013
12Philippines Philippines106,987,09894,013,200113.8 2013
13Iran Iran96,165,00073,973,650 130.0 2013
14Mexico Mexico101,339,000112,322,75790.2 2013
15Italy Italy88,580,00060,090,400147.4 2013
16United Kingdom United Kingdom83,100,00064,100,000129.6 2013
17Vietnam Vietnam72,300,00090,549,390 79.0 2013
18France France72,180,00063,573,842114.2 2013
19Egypt Egypt92,640,00082,120,000 112.8 2013
20Thailand Thailand69,000,00067,480,000 105.0 2015
21Turkey Turkey68,000,00075,627,38489.9 2013
22Ukraine Ukraine57,505,55545,579,904126.0 2013
23South Korea South Korea56,004,88750,219,669111.52014
24Spain Spain55,740,00047,265,321118.02013
25Argentina Argentina56,725,20040,134,425 141.32013
26Poland Poland47,153,20038,186,860 123.52013
27Colombia Colombia49,066,35947,000,000104.4 2013
28South Africa South Africa59,474,50050,586,757117.62013
29Algeria Algeria33,000,00035,000,00094.2 2013
30Taiwan Taiwan28,610,00023,197,947 123.3 2013
31Kenya Kenya28,080,00042,000,00071.3 2013
32Venezuela Venezuela32,019,08630,163,157 106.2 2014
33Peru Peru33,000,00030,000,000110.0 2013
34Romania Romania26,000,00021,438,000 123.5 2010
35Canada Canada28,217,70735,675,83479.1 2014
36Morocco Morocco36,550,00033,818,662113.6 2015
37NetherlandsNetherlands20,000,00016,515,057121.1 2013
38Australia Australia30,200,00022,700,000133.0 2013
39Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia46,000,00027,137,000169.5 2013
40Malaysia Malaysia30,379,00028,250,000143.8 2014
41Sri Lanka Sri Lanka22,123,00020,771,000 107.0 2014
42Chile Chile21,000,00017,094,270122.9 2013
43Nepal Nepal18,240,67026,620,020 86.8 2014
44Ethiopia Ethiopia18,000,00085,000,02021.8 2013
45Guatemala Guatemala17,571,89514,713,763119.4 2013
46Ecuador Ecuador15,900,00014,300,000 111.2 2013
47Portugal Portugal13,400,00010,562,178 126.92013
48Hong Kong Hong Kong17,445,5817,264,100240.2 2015
49Belgium Belgium11,822,00010,414,000113.6 2013
49 Hungary11,561,8909,908,798116.7 2013
50United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates17,132,7248,410,763203.7 2014
51 Sweden11,194,0009,103,788122.9 2012
52Bulgaria Bulgaria10,655,0007,600,000140.2 2008
53Israel Israel9,319,0007,310,000127.5 2008
54Finland Finland9,310,0005,457,429170.4 2013
55Singapore Singapore8,106,7005,399,000150.1 2015
56Denmark Denmark7,000,0005,543,819126.2 2008
57Azerbaijan Azerbaijan7,000,0008,900,00078.7 2009
58Jordan Jordan6,010,0005,950,000101.0 2010
59 New Zealand4,922,0004,430,000111.1 2012
60Mongolia Mongolia3,500,0002,980,000117.4 2013
61Estonia Estonia2,070,0001,294,486159.9 2012
62Lebanon Lebanon2,720,0004,224,00064.4 2010
63Lithuania Lithuania4,940,0002,955,986167.1 2013
64Cuba Cuba1,300,00011,200,00011.6 2011
65North Korea North Korea2,000,00024,451,2858.3 2013
66Panama Panama6,900,0003,405,813202.5 2013
67Malta Malta452,515554,651 122.6 2013
68Zimbabwe Zimbabwe13,518,88713,060,000103.5 2014
69Montenegro Montenegro1,103,698620,029 178.0 2014
70Republic of Ireland Ireland5,770,6384,581,269125.9 2015