Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pocket PC a REALITY this year.

Maybe Acer is our F500. This definitely qualifies as an "innovative smartphone device."

We're now at the point where we can fit the PC in our pockets. Soon it will only take one pocket.

We should start seeing more about this as IFA gets rolling. 

The Register -- "Jade Primo"

IFA 2015 Acer will release the "Jade Primo" PC Phone later this year, running Windows and taking advantage of Microsoft's Continuum feature to behave like a PC when connected to an external display, keyboard and mouse.

"The goal is to extend the Windows experience from mobility to desktop. It is an important step towards the vision of putting a PC in your pocket," Acer's president of Smart Products ST Liew told The Register.

What kind of market does Acer see for such a device? "It's a productivity market, a business market" said Liew. "We are going to sell it with a whole collection of accessories, such as wireless keyboard, mouse and docking station. Walk into the office, plug in and go."

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