Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mobile video services to launch & Google Chromecast

We're very close to a world-wide launch of a big-screen that fits in your pocket.

Everyone likes mobile. Everyone likes big screens.

Is it a coincidence that two major mobile companies in the US launch or re-launch their mobile content services? Services that they've set up at enormous expense?

I don't think so.

C|Net Go90 on Thursday 

"Go90, a free ad-based service that will play a selection of short and long videos, will be available in the app stores for both Apple devices and those running on Google's Android software."

Go90 Original Content
Verizon invested 5 Billion in Mobile Video

Watchable at ReCode

"The fact that you can watch Watchable without being a Comcast subscriber is worth noting, since many people believe Comcast will end up trying to make real money outside its “footprint” of areas where it sells Internet and TV access."

This article isn't very positive, but it's because apparently because the the fact that there is so much competition in the space, and that Watchable is replacing a different streaming service. (thanks Bill.)


This is additionally interesting because of Comcast's WiFi sharing program. 

.... And Google's NEW Chromecast -- which scans all of your streaming services to help you find the content you want to watch. (I'm looking for details, but I'm assuming this is an HDMI connector that will be able to fit an MPCL1.)

Google's new Chromecast

Portability is Priceless

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