Tuesday, September 8, 2015

ATT, Verizon & Ecosystem for PicoP

When a new device hits the market -- the kind of environment it lands in is very important. If the environment is ready for it it will do very well, very quickly. If the environment isn't ready the device may remain an oddity for a long time.

The telephone and the fax machine are examples of devices that didn't have an easy environment to land in when they were first available. If you had the first fax machine -- it was completely useless to you until you had people to communicate with who also had a fax machine.

With PicoP -- it's good to keep a close watch on the ecosystem. If there will be a lot of content for PicoP --- and support from content providers and bandwidth providers, things will go very smoothly. 

Verizon and ATT both have content ready for mobile. ATT purchased DirecTV, and Verizon is rolling out a FREE ad-supported service for mobile video.

Both companies are featuring the ZTE Spro2 -- a projector that I will stack SONY's MPCL1 up against any day. While it's getting decent reviews and has some excellent features, it's big, it sucks power, has a poor contrast ratio, and poor resolution next to the MPCL1.

ZTE Spro2 - Featured in USA Today
ZTE Spro 2 - PC MAG

ZTE Spro 2 - ATT
ZTE Spro2 - Verizon
ATT ZTE Spro 2 Videos

Verizon Go90
"Go90 is expected to be a free, ad-supported service that offers a blend of live and on-demand content. Though initially developed for mobile devices (the name of the service is about rotating a smartphone 90 degrees to view video in landscape mode), Verizon’s also noodling TV-based streaming strategies, the paper said."

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