Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Watch MediaTek

From Bidness

I've been watching for MediaTek for some time because I have heard that its chips are optimized for video streaming.

This article provides some confirmation of that - some of us think that phones or smaller devices optimized for video streaming are going to be a HUGE market.

 I've clipped the key lines from the article, but check it out at the link.

Qualcomm, Inc.: How MediaTek Won Chip Orders For Next Amazon Fire TV

We at Bidness Etc believe MediaTek might stand to make a statement by luring Amazon. The truth is MediaTek won’t register a massive win against Qualcomm, especially since the video-streaming device market is a niche market and is considerably smaller than the phone market when it comes to volume. However, MediaTek is making rapid strides in a market largely dominated by fewer players, and winning orders for Amazon products will represent a major statement of intent from the Taiwan-based chip maker.

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