Thursday, September 10, 2015

Projector Central Review

Good review of the first PicoP powered product. They had an interesting thing that other reviews haven't done yet: how large can the screen be in different light conditions.

That shows that even in a directly lit room, you still get a screen that FAR exceeds that of your phone -- very suitable for comfortable viewing and sharing.

Check it out at the source. there's a lot more.

Projector Central

Ease of Use

Everyone's tolerance for image quality varies, but our rough estimations of image diagonal for satisfactory image brightness, contrast, and black level are as follows:
Darkened room - 96"
Dimly lit room - 48"
Indirect sunlit room - 36"
Direct sunlit room - 24"
These diagonals were determined using a 1:1 gain pop-up screen, so the above estimates will decrease if projecting on surfaces like colored walls, painted brick, or bed sheets. 

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