Sunday, September 27, 2015

Go90 Original content

From TechTimes

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Series Titles

  • Cold
  • Mr Student Body President
  • The Fourth Door
  • Do Over
  • Miss Earth

Go90 will partner up with other big names, such as ESPN, Scripps Networks Interactive, AwesomenessTV, Vice Media Viacom and Discovery Communications. Three original lifestyle programs will be launched by Endemol Beyond USA's lifestyle network, ICON. Verizon plans to feature primetime TV shows, live broadcasting and original content. Around 5 million clients from the millennial audience are beta testing and providing feedback on the Go90 to make the launch as flawless as possible.

One way for Verizon to monetize Go90 is to sell targeted ads on the platform. The company also expects a surge in data traffic, as it aims to create a vibrant "social entertainment platform." Users can discover shows by following peers with the same preferences, and, in a more engaging feature, they will be able to clip and share segments of a show.

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