Saturday, September 19, 2015

MicroVision WAY ahead of the competition

So, check this out. A load of companies say they're going to try to do something that's on the cutting edge -- equip their employees with smart glasses.

Why companies are RUSHING to fit their employees with smart glasses.

"In a recent survey conducted by Herndon, Va.-based APX Labs—who collected responses from 201 U.S.-based companies in various industries—60 percent of participants who don't currently use smart glasses were open to adopting it in the near future while 51 percent said they have plans for using smart glasses in the upcoming year."

"The smart glasses data represented a faster projected growth rate than any other “smart” wearable tech device mentioned in the report, including growth rates related to smart watches, activity/fitness trackers, indoor location sensors/beacons and wearable mobile cameras."

"In terms of industries where smart glasses will become prevalent, APX Labs CEO/founder Brian Ballard said that he believes manufacturing, field service, maintenance and repair, material handling and logistics, and inspection/quality control will be key. “These are important jobs, with lots of people and where improving performance in terms of process speed, employee productivity, production quality and compliance/safety has giant impacts on the bottom line,” he added."

Now, you may be thinking "What does this have to do with MicroVision?" Check this out. Not only is MicroVision a leader in IP in this space, but they've ALREADY DONE IT.

Their display is improved, and the software is improved, and they've already been 
there. Listen to these guys laugh at what's 10 years ahead of its time. Listen to the guy in the blue shirt.

The technology (the supporting software, tracking, and even the display, has caught up with sentiment.)

  Now that MicroVision has PicoP well in hand and ready to generate cash for the company through its partners (SONY & others), they can begin re-engaging with this market that is clearly now ready for what they have to offer.

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