Thursday, January 18, 2018


Near Eye Display.

Pico Projection.

Interactive Pico Projection


Whatever the "Black Box" is.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

CES -- Partial Debrief.

I had a lot going on the last few days and wasn't able to give a CES debrief the time it  deserved (so there was none).

This is the Hololens I had the opportunity to try. The company was using it and Oculus to look in brains.

Cool stuff, but the display needs work.

Just a taste of how busy the show is. This is ONE hallway in the Main area of the Las Vegas Convention center, and there were nine major display areas -- and hallways like this to connect them.

Sometimes the booth numbers were difficult to find. (One of the more than 9 maps.... there were also suites, outdoor areas, and other spaces divided up for display and meetings.)

Which leads to walking days like this.... 

Other days, not so dramatic, because of a lot of time waiting in line.  It took 40 minutes to get to the Vuzix Blade.

The Vuzix Blade.... more like a HUD that you wear than Augmented Reality. Cool Alexa integration, looks like they'll have some handy software. Something to watch as an eyewear solution, but not as a display competitor.

Hololamp has a cool tool, and we know that Microvision is in their toolbox. They said an issue with brightness.

I think that Engine Two brings them out strongly. Their projector now is quite large and intrusive, and it doesn't need to be. (their touch interactivity left something to be desired as well.  But This as a tool could be very useful and fun.

Check out their Hololamp youTube Channel

Haier -- << the link there shows a projection Air Conditioner... I was probably ten feet away from it, but missed it.

Below is the ASU smart-cast watch. I think there's going to be very limited use of this -- at least in this view, it doesn't add much to the watch experience for its size. (use it to share pictures, or for teachers-- maybe.)

They admitted a strange relationship of this engine -- which is not MVIS, but is related to the Bosch Engine. The Bosch engine was featured in the lamp kind of product below -- the two mirror solution. It has lousy resolution. (showed a picture of someone at the front door, for example, who was unrecognizable.... the resolution is 480.)

I suspect the Bosch Engine is also produced by STM (It looks very similar.) and STM basically panned that engine at their presentation in Seattle. There are more moving parts to this space than it's possible to keep track of. (I'm not concerned about these iterations they're just showing that people are interested in the technology, and MicroVision's projector is clearly better -- brighter and higher resolution.

QD Laser the Retissa -- I only got a quick try with this. It does make an interesting floating image, and they tell me that the image is there and in focus no matter what the visual acuity of the wearer. (If you have to wear coke-bottle glasses, this still works perfectly.)

Unfortunately there was a very significant language barrier (OR they didn't want to answer my questions.)

I don't know if it's Microvision or not, but looks to be.


Found the Sanbot -- Notice that it will use "Alexa for home use" and that it has a projector in the back of its head. It's MicroVision's stuff. (Sony engine) The picture here doesn't do the picture on the wall justice.

This is as good a picture I could get of Goertek. 

Someone's solid state car sensor. I'm going to stick my neck out and say the point cloud isn't that good.

Another display of sensors.

And a familiar looking Heads Up Display. (We're dealing with software. (I'm not seeing any tell-tale scan lines.) Of course it was impossible to see everything. It would have been impossible to see all of the auto area.

Tried every kind of Augmented reality display I could get my hands on... Microvision doesn't have much to worry about there.... AR NEEDS MicroVision.

Monday, January 15, 2018

GM Self Driving Car

One use slower than we thought

One faster.

Yahoo News

Detroit (AFP) - Regulators will "carefully and responsibly" review General Motors' request to test an autonomous car without a steering wheel, US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said Sunday.
"It is now coming to the stage with the rapid advancement of self-driving technology that this request is now a reality," Chao said on the sidelines of the Detroit Auto Show.
"So we will view the petition carefully and responsibly."​
GM on Friday unveiled the Cruise AV, an autonomous vehicle with no steering wheel or pedals, announcing it had asked the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to exempt it from a number of federal standards that cannot be met with a driverless car.
GM executives have said they planned to introduce a large-scale fleet of self-driving taxis by 2019, a timeframe some analysts consider ambitious.
GM released images of the Cruise AV and video of the interior with a strikingly spacious windshield devoid of a steering wheel.
"It's quite a striking image when people see it for the first time," GM president Dan Ammann told AFP on the sidelines of a GM event Saturday.
"I think people will want to engage with the technology and understand it and experience it," Ammann said.
"But I think what's really most powerful about what the technology can offer is an increase in safety on the road. And once people understand that and see and experience it, we think the adoption will be there."
"Its hard to generalize" about whether the public is ready for autonomous cars, Ammann said. "Some people are more than ready. And other people will be watching and seeing how it evolves."

Friday, January 12, 2018

Confirmation of Thesis....

Have some urgent business to take care of before I can compile everything. What I saw confirms my thesis: Summed up best with these older posts.

There's a TON of Value here.

Microvision is involved in the busiest technologies at this year's CES:

Personal assistants -- Self driving cars -- Mobile Phones -- Augmented Reality -- Internet of things. Where those things were at CES, there were lines of people trying to see it.

Fairest of them all.

Bleeding Edge to leading edge.

FAST Followers.... 

What is the value of these businesses?
Pico ProjectionPrice Calculator
Interactive Pico Projection?      
Near Eye Displays
"Black Box"

What do you think it's worth (or how much more than it's trading for?)

Of course to find the right company now, you'd look to something that was going to be a key component of an up and coming new technology. 

  • Mobile technology is still in its infancy -- find the next must-have feature, and you're golden. 
  • Personal assistants, like the Amazon Echo or the Google Home are gaining popularity, and will likely become more and more common, and more widely available everywhere -- especially if video features can be conveniently added to them. 
  • The Internet of Things is talked about everywhere, more and more powerful computers are being put in everyday items. If you're old enough to remember the 1990's a powerful personal computer of the 1990's was required to play the game "DOOM" -- but that computing horsepower is now available in a thermostat. [Doom on a Thermostat] The thing about that computing horsepower is that people need a good way to interact with it, that will be a key component.
  • Augmented Reality, the ability to enhance the world you see with computer generated information, is so new most people have seen little of it except perhaps an experience with Pokemon Go. They're getting great results with this technology in industry, greatly increasing productivity -- and it's a wild fantasy of gamers. It will be bigger than Virtual Reality -- it brings people together, or it can. Virtual reality isolates them. 
  • Self Driving Cars and Automation: I know self-driving cars are controversial -- they're not going to happen all at once though. They're going to happen a little at a time. More and more sensors will appear, the ability to automate some functions of the car, and the ability of the car to process the sensors' information and intervene when necessary is going to increase. No one is complaining about cars automatically NOT hitting pedestrians, or parking themselves, or alerting us when there's another car in our blind spot. This happens through primarily sensors that can detect and identify other objects.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

CES Day 2

18,500 steps...  Shout-out to Dr. Bill.

A little tired.

Saw whole augmented reality area. Some of the devices are cool, but the displays are dismal next to the capabilities of Microvision.

Some have resolution, but none have field of view. Decent picture with 10degree field of view on a heavy headset isn't much to get excited about.

The Vuzix Blade is a cool device --- the display is decent for what it is, but it seems more like an enhanced google glass. Very small, but decent display with very limited field of view. More a wearable HUD than "Augmented Reality."

Everything else I tried had limited field of view. 

Saw MicroVision in the SanBot, which they say is selling well, and the projector is a very popular feature.

More attention for Moviphone.... 

MoviPhone 1

Time Magazine

MoviPhone Attention

This is what it looks like when you start getting hype, and this is what it looks like just before you get fast followers.

Those companies that were nervous about sticking their necks out and seeing how something like this would be received are watching this closely.

Yes, at the booth they assured me it can work with Verizon.

Also how we find new investors.


One of the absolute joys about CES is discovering a random jewel among the hundreds of exhibition booths. That's the case with the company Wireless Mobi Solution (WMS) from San Diego. Its jewel: a midrange Android phone with a built-in HD projector.

The phone is called the Moviphone and as the name so rudimentarily suggests, it's all about movies. And what better way to watch a movie than projecting it onto a wall as big as you can? The 50-lumen projector supports a 720p HD image that can be projected up 100 inches in size.


The Moviphone is being trialled at CES this year and includes a unique feature. Included in the phone – meaning it is not a peripheral – is a 720p HD projector. On the move and want to watch a movie with big screen frills? The Pico projector can display a movie up to 100 inches in size.

The phone also comes packed with a 16-megapixel camera, Android 7.0 Nougat and a fingerprint scanner. Don't worry too much about that stuff though, the reason to buy this phone is definitely the projector. It will cost you $599 (£440 in the UK, but it is rarely a straight conversion).

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

CES Day 1

  26,000 steps (so far.)

Stopped at the booth, saw the phone. Was getting good attention.



Hololens |  Meta | QD Laser

Still nothing that holds a candle to Nomad.

Conclusion -- AR NEEDS MICROVISION.  The capabilities are amazing, what they will eventually allow is awesome -- but their displays are so far not very good. 

QD laser will be amazing for people with limited sight. 

Talked to Amazon people -- including who "certifies" devices for Alexa. That space is going to be huge, and it's going to be a lot different than most of us think.

Saw the Hololamp. Also very nice device. 

Too tired to type much more, and someone owes me a steak.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Self Driving Shuttle

I had a chance to ride a self-driving car a few minutes ago. Very interesting.

It went pretty slow, but followed a course exactly. The onboard attendant (not pictured) seemed to be having a bad night with people badgering him with specific technical questions. (He couldn't answer pretty basic things I asked him. ) The car did come with an X-Box controller, incase there was a more complex decision required (like going around a breakdown. 

The machine was programmed to go around a particular course, and did it very well. It was communicating with the lights so it knew when to stop -- and then proceed. At one intersection, the shuttle started forward at a green light, and someone ran the red. The shuttle stopped perfectly, and proceeded when the thread was gone. 

AAA Self Driving Shuttle

Met this guy on board. 

Arian(sp?) was the greeter on the street.  (hey, free rides in an autonomous shuttle.)

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Google taking over CES?

Hey Google


Google doesn't usually have a big presence at CES, but that's changed in a big way this year. You can't help but notice that the monorail circling the Las Vegas Convention Center bears huge letters saying "Hey Google!" Just below, Google has set up a huge, multistory monument to the Google Assistant booth in the convention-center parking lot. It's still under construction so it's hard to say exactly what's going on in there. (Also, there's a superfluous spiraling slide on the side of the booth and a weird Google Assistant ball-pit game near the convention center's main entrance.)