Saturday, September 26, 2015

MPCL1 Review

From TechRadar

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The Sont MP-CL1 provides a sharp, clear picture in an extremely pocketable form factor. Combined with a premium feel, this little guy may turn some heads.


It may be a bit surprising considering its small form factor, but the MP-CL1 sports some impressive image quality. Although the resolution is a bit of an oddball at 1920 x 720, I found that HD video was pleasant to watch. However, a full HD resolution still may be preferable for image purists.

Upon booting the projector up for the first time, colors were fairly poppy, but I did find the picture to be a tad warmer than I'd like. The colors weren't horribly off, and it's mostly a subjective matter, but a quick jaunt to the settings menu allowed for a bit of tinkering. However, some might find the number of picture settings to be a bit limiting, with Color, Hue and Saturation being the only three options.

The MP-CL1's brightness, 32 lumens, was of particular concern for me initially. Sure enough, I found that the projector is definitely not an option for brightly-lit rooms. However, it performed admirably in dim lighting, and impressed me quite a bit with its sharpness and clarity in true, dark environments. It seems that the laser projection system in this little guy really makes a difference as far as brightness is concerned.

One particularly nice feature of the MP-CL1's laser projection system is its autofocus. Oftentimes, one of the most frustrating aspects of setting up a projector is dialing in the proper focus settings so text and images pop. With the MP-CL1, there's no need for a focus control, and I found that the projector kept everything in proper focus no matter how far I moved it from the projection surface.

Finally, although I initially questioned how the MP-CL1's output would fare, the picture quality proved to be clear, sharp and bright enough for dim-to-dark environments. Add in keystone correction and no need to manually set the focus, and the MP-CL1's display prowess makes it an extremely attractive offering.

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