Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Back to Basics

Sure, we're all wondering what the future is going to bring with this little company. We're getting swept up in a whole lot of market turmoil. Aggressive (and ill-advised) shorting of the stock hasn't helped either.

For those of us who were at the ASM in 2013 and saw the PicoP equipped Samsung phone and the PicoP equipped Kindle Fire tablet -- that was absolutely awesome. I wasn't the only person there wondering out loud where and when I could get one of those devices.

Just in case you're curious, here's what it looked like (the PicoP projected image is on the ceiling -- a powerful plug-in model is projecting on the wall.)

This capability is due to be available world-wide in the coming month. It's not a fantasy. 

It took longer than we expected - but that's common when dealing with completely new technologies. When we first see it, we hope that it will be available immediately, or "next year" -- but prototyping is a different animal than mass production. Creating mass production for a new item is as laden with peril as getting the first prototype from the concept. I think that the MicroVision / Sony team has done an incredible job making that happen.

In a couple of weeks the MP-CL1 will be available in the US.

I'm pretty sure that we'll benefit as well from the massive investments made in mobile streaming video -- which is arriving in the same time-frame with an 80 million dollar promotional budget from Verizon.

Are we nervous? Sure, we're a small company being jostled around by a volatile market.

Am I confident? Yes. Everyone who I've showed this technology to has been wowed by it.... millions of potential investors, all looking for the next big thing -- will start seeing this in action from a big company in the next couple of weeks.

Everyone wants a bigger screen on their cellphone. This is a six foot screen you can put in your pocket.

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