Friday, September 18, 2015

Honeywell Partnership?

This is likely a case of bad journalism.

But then the plot thickens: This is at the top of the Yahoo Finance page today: (thanks Omer)

Honeywell CEO "I want to be the Apple of the industrial sector"

"“The focus on internal processes I also think is a big deal, and that's why you've seen us do things like the Honeywell operating system, which is really the Toyota production system 'Honeywell-ized.' How we do velocity product development, the focus that we've had with what we call the Honeywell user experience, where I want to become the Apple of the industrial sector. We really spend a lot of time on saying, 'how do you become better and better with all your processes?' because everything always comes down to people and process," Cote says."


While digging through the various things I have programmed to enter my in-box this morning, I came across this article about Honeywell "OnRAMP" design.

I pulled this earlier as I continued to dig through information about OnRAMP. Most of that is listed on Honeywell's Site about OnRamp discusses engine efficiency, fuel efficiency and the like I had second thoughts. 

However, the article was about "Augmented Reality" and Honeywell, and clearly uses an image from MicroVision. You decide... 

The image they used for the HUD seemed familiar to me. I referred to the MicroVision Website, and the picture referring to the Honeywell HUD is the SAME image that MicroVision uses on their website to show their Heads Up Display Technology.

We'll see. I'll be calling IR this morning to figure this out. -- I received a reply: This is the key part of the reply:

"There is no attribution to MicroVision for the photo so do not draw any conclusions."

From VRFocus

"One of the new features being added to modern vehicles includes head-up displays, which use a type of augmented reality (AR) to enhance drivers awareness of the road and traffic environment during low-visibility conditions. The result being increased safety.
Chris Greentree, general manager of Honeywell Automotive Software said in a statement: “Our software offerings provide auto manufacturers the capability to solve complex powertrain challenges with easy-to-use desktop software. The OnRAMP suite of tools can use predictive software to replace physical sensors and also improve the driving experience for the end consumer.”
This image taken from the VRFocus Article

This image from MicroVision Website

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