Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Xperia P2 - Leak

I have scraped this article, because I don't want to lose this and I'm not particularly familiar with the source.

This is a very interesting leak, because the battery in this phone would be significantly more powerful than other phone batteries, and the phone it self would be getting thicker instead of thinner, and likely thick enough to contain a standard Sony PicoP module.

If you note the illustration below, and look at the thickness diagrammed on the far right, you'll notice that the phone is quite thick, but also tapered, thicker at the top of the phone -- which would be convenient if a projector was contained in the thick end. 

We can't draw any conclusions, but it does look really interesting. Please check out the article at the source as well.

If insight offered by a Chinese site is to be believed, Sony is revving up the next-gen  Xperia-P series smartphone handset with some pretty impressive hardware in play.
The latest leak regarding Sony and its handset strategy indicates an Xperia P2 is in the works, and the leaked data even offers up a spec sheet that states the Xperia P2 will boast a 5.2-inch full HD Triluminos display and run on a 1.9GHz Snapdragon 810 SoC processor. The smartphone will reportedly include two cameras- a 12.1MP on the back of the handset and a 5.1MP on the front. What may be most interesting to smartphone consumers is the reported 4,240mAh battery.
For those who love to track smartphone specs and vendor development strategies another interesting aspect is that this next Xperia device won't feature Sony's OmniBalance design. From the looks of the images provided, the Xperia 2 will feature narrow bezels and will follow the lead of the Xperia in having a transparent strip on its bottom.

The news comes as Sony is struggling to remain competitive in the uber competitive smartphone market given Apple, Samsung and even Microsoft's advancement in smartphone sales. Reviving the Xperia P series could indicate Sony is a bit desperate to get a new handset in play even if it means picking up a design it first put into play three years ago on its first Xperia P.
The leak also indicates that the Xperia 2 will be a bit heavier and thicker in its form factor, with a width ranging from 8.9 to 10.9mm, and possibly have a curved back aspect. Going thicker in design is certainly a new strategy as most smartphone players have been striving, just like mobile computing PC makers, to be lean and thin as possible, even if it means compromising battery power.
If the leak on this Xperia P2 is correct apparently Sony thinks consumers wants great power features and are willing to carry a slightly heavier handset to attain longer battery use.

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