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New Range Rover Sport, with Laser Hud


The New Range Rover Sport, a world premiere today on the streets of New York, is the definitive premium sporty SUV - Land Rover faster, more agile and more responsive ever produced. The skyline of Manhattan represented the perfect setting for the debut of this new world, partly because the United States is the biggest market by number of units sold of this model, with New York at the top.
Developed together with the new Range Rover, New Range Rover Sport today boasts the best on-road dynamics of the brand, as well as performance all-terrainfrom the primacy of the category, typical of a true Range Rover. The New Range Rover Sport, a combination of technology, presents its customers with an exterior more determined and vigorous, a more luxurious interior and versatile option 5 +2.
Capitalizing on the innovative lightweight design of the suspension and the new technologies of the frame, the aluminum architecture of the new Sports - a record of the class - allows a weight saving of more than 420 kg *. This turns the dynamic performance of the vehicle, allowing it to combine agile handling in exceptional comfort in a luxurious mix of sporty and dynamic and engaging driving experience, as well as reduce emissions of CO2 to 194 g / km.

  • The new, modern interpretation of the Range Rover Sport completes the range of three models Range Rover.
  • Unparalleled range of capabilities, thanks to an on-road dynamics transformed and flexible and unbeatable all-terrain performance
  • Luxurious interior, versatile and superbly made, with the new option 5 +2.
  • The reduction of 420 kg * weight, as for the engine TDV6, results in agility and performance, in a 15% reduction of CO and fuel consumption significantly reduced. Characterized Premium Range Rover chassis and lightweight aluminum architecture.
  • He made ​​his debut with the new Range Rover Sport a technology package focused on the driver's Connected Car.

In a statement released before the official presentation at the Auto Show in New York, John Edwards, Global Brand Director, Land Rover said: "The New Range Rover Sport has been designed and built without compromise. And 'the vehicle with the most street-oriented we've ever made, but that naturally retains all the inherent capacity Land Rover, including all-terrain performance unsurpassed. The Sport is really born to be a wizard. With ride comfort, handling and agility that reach new levels, the leadership of this versatile and luxurious Range Rover Sport, it's really rewarding and sports.
"After the flagship Range Rover, recently launched on the market, the new Sport is equipped with a host of new technologies that can transform the performance, sophistication and capabilities in every situation," concluded Edwards.
Design: vigorous, decisive, strong
The New Range Rover Sport features a strong exterior design, modern, bold, which suggests a driving performance and clearly positions between the vehicle and the Range Rover Evoque, with which it shares the design DNA.
Gerry McGovern, Design Director and Chief Creative Officer of Land Rover, said: "The New Range Rover Sport is a premium SUV by definition. A Range Rover Sport for a new era: modern, sustainable, absolutely desirable. Beside the Range Rover and all'Evoque, the Range Rover Sport is the third pillar of the constant evolution of the Range Rover and a British brand characterized by an exceptional design " .
The new vehicle, brilliant interpretation of the distinctive design of its predecessor, sports a sleek and contemporary, in addition to a particular optimization of the interior spaces. The New Sport is only 62 mm longer than the previous, and yet, with its 4,850 mm is shorter than other seven-seat SUV and most of the E-segment sedans, and thus more maneuverable and easy to park. However, his pace considerably higher (+178 mm), offers more space and ease of access to passengers in the second row of seats.
The front and rear overhangs reduced and increased width (+55 mm) give the new vehicle a more modern look.
Stronger due to the angulation of the windshield, the aerodynamic profile and rounded and dynamic roof sloping line, the New Range Rover Sport is 8% more aerodynamic as the previous version (Cd 0.34). The New Sport is 149 mm shorter and 55 mm lower than the New Range Rover, on which the project is based and, for the same set up, weighs 45 kg less.

Although it was developed in conjunction with the Range Rover which has some points in common, the New Range Rover assembles 75% of unique components, many of which directly affect the aesthetics and guidance, giving the vehicle its new identity.

Identity that the customer can customize at will, from alloy wheels, available 19 ", 20", 21 and 22 ", including the iconic circle "Viper's Nest", for the first time offered on all Range Rover.

The widest range of capabilities possible for an SUV.
The driving dynamics on the road of New Range Rover Sport has definitely improved and the vehicle is more agile and maneuverable, but also more comfortable and refined. The independent suspension are made of aluminum, with double wishbones front and an advanced multi-link system at the rear.

The excursion of the wheels is record-breaking (260 mm front and 272 mm rear), for exceptional articulation of 546 mm which allows you to easily tackle even the most difficult situations. The maximum light from the ground increases to 278 mm (+51 mm), the air suspension system automatically varies between two ride heights, and the innovativeTerrain Response ® 2 automatically selects the most appropriate program.

The fifth-generation air suspension allow you to vary the height of no less than 115 mm, from the lowest position "access" (now increased to -50 mm, a decrease of 10 mm compared to the previous version, to facilitate the ascent and descent passengers) the standard height for off-road. An automatic function, activated by sensors, raise the vehicle by 35 mm when needed. The suspensions may also be further extended to other 35 mm with manual control, bringing the excursion possible to a total of 185 mm.

The suspension system, redesigned with the new intermediate height offroad +35 mm, allows to keep the mode Terrain at much higher speeds (80 km / h compared to the previous 50 km / h): a great advantage on long roads, bumpy or dirt.

The new power-assisted steering is lighter and more direct. It will be available the choice between two-wheel drive systems. The first includes a gearbox with two speed ranges, for the most challenging off-road, with a subdivision of default of the pair 50/50 and 100% bloccabilità.

The other, 18 kg lighter, presents a box of a single range of reduction ratios and Torsen differential, which automatically distributes the torque to the axle that has more grip, and works together with the traction control systems to ensure traction in each condition. The division of the couple's default is 42/58, with 58% to the rear axle, for optimum driving dynamics.

Engines: four at the launch and a new hybrid to follow
From the day of the launch will be available four engines - two petrol supercharged engines (the 5.0 liter V8 from 510 hp and the new 3.0-liter V6 with 340 hp) and two diesel engines (the 3.0-liter TDV6 SDV6 258 hp and 292 hp). The range will increase during the year with the arrival of a high-performance diesel engine, the 4.4-liter SDV8 from 339 hp. In addition, a new model diesel hybrid high-efficiency will then be available for delivery in 2014. .

Considering the whole range, acceleration 0-100 km / h starts from 5 seconds, fuel consumption is reduced by up to 24%, depending on the model, while emissions of CO 2decreased to a minimum of 194 g / km. All engines in the new Range Rover Sport are mated to the advanced automatic transmission ZF 8HP70 8-speed electronically controlled.

The weight reductions of the New Range Rover Sport open possibilities for the future introduction of a new engine smaller and lighter, as a four-cylinder, in a model that could weigh less than 2,000 kg, with a reduction of more than 500 kg compared to the previous lighter model.

Before the category for sustainability, thanks to its realization in aluminum.
The New Range Rover Sport is the first vehicle in its class with an advanced aluminum chassis, which not only means exceptional agility and driving dynamics, but also weight reduction and improved sustainability.

Developed in parallel with that of the New Range Rover, the structure of the new model uses a combination of aluminum panels and printed components in aluminum alloy rolled, cast and extruded, so that its resistance is concentrated exactly where the loads are applied higher. The vehicle floor is 39% lighter than the previous model.

In 2014 the high-performance sports will reach new heights with the launch of the new diesel hybrid ultra-efficient, with emissions of CO 2 of 169g/km.

All models in the range are equipped with a Stop / Start , which reduces fuel consumption by up to 7%.

Interior: modern and luxurious, with a strong sporty.
The interior of the new model shows the unmistakable Range Rover Sport, the attention to detail and craftsmanship in the execution.

True touchstone of the segment, the interior of the Range Rover Sport has a perfect blend of style and luxury, elegant lines, quality materials and a special touch of sportiness. The vigorous architectural forms are underlined by a more clean and pure surfaces, impeccably made with a generous use of soft-touch materials at key points in the passenger compartment.

The setting is reflected in the reduced diameter sports steering wheel with the crown increased section in the vertical shift, higher in the center console, lighting mood configurable and more generous dimensions of the side bolsters of the seats. The driving position combines the great sense of security and control of a Range Rover to a more sporty seat, similar to that dell'Evoque.

The interior has been optimized to create a wider cabin, and even more comfortable rear, with 24 mm more space for the knees. E 'available, on request, a 5 +2 seater, with a third row to accommodate two more passengers occasionally. These seats, electrically operated, are folded flush with the load floor, do not diminish the capacity and are split 50/50.

Technologies of the vehicle and safety equipment focused on passengers.
The New Sport has been designed as the vehicle without compromise, by definition, that fits perfectly to the lifestyle of the customer. His project includes all the available technologies targeted at the highest levels of comfort, safety and control for driver and passengers.

The technologies - new and improved - Sport of the system include Adaptive Dynamicscontinuously variable damping (CVD) and, on the more powerful versions, a mode Dynamicof Terrain Response ® 2 for an exhilarating driving on the road. This system is combined with the Dynamic Response (a control rumble technology with dual-channel), the active rear differential locking and by Braking Torque Vectoring , which transfers torque to the outer wheels of the curve, reducing understeer.

The New Range Rover Sport offers a complete package of connectivity between the client, his vehicle, home and professional activity. The technology "Connected Car" allows the driver to check the status of the vehicle via an app installed on your smartphone and tap into additional functions, such as Stolen Vehicle Tracking , the ' Emergency Call and Land Rover Assist Call . Finally, you can install on the vehicle a Wi-Fi Hotspot broadband, so that passengers can surf the Internet with the best data connection to their tablet or smartphone.

A new Head-Up Display Color, upon request, presents the driver with key information about the vehicle and navigation, without forcing him to look away from the road, using the excellent clarity and contrast of laser technology.

The new model introduces a digital camera system that manages three applications, driver assistance aimed at supporting the ability of the driver's attention: the Lane Departure Warning (exceeding the lane line), the Traffic Sign Recognition (recognition of road signs) and the 'Automatic High Beam Assist (automatic main beam assistance). Another innovation is the exclusive Sport Wade Sensing ™ , which provides information on the depth of the ford you are going through, especially useful on Sport, whose maximum depth of ford is today is 850 mm (+150 mm compared to the model previous year).

The New Range Rover Sport, with its increased versatility, is intended to replicate the outstanding success of its predecessor, which has become since its introduction in 2005, one of the most popular Land Rover vehicles, recording sales have exceeded 380,000 units.

The new Range Rover, designed in the United Kingdom at the Development Centre Land Rover, will be produced in the new factories - state of the art - Solihull (UK), which have a reduced environmental impact.
The new Range Rover Sport will be on sale, from the third quarter of 2013, in 169 countries.In most of these will be offered four trim levels (S, SE, HSE and Autobiography), in addition to new versions of Dynamic HSE and Autobiography. With a wide range of colors, details and finishes, the customer will have the ability to customize at will tailor their SUV.

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