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Sony Mini Projector Market Research -- Boundless Prospects

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Sony mini projector market research boundless prospects

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Sony recently announced that the company is developing a miniature projector HD resolution component, using U.S. MicroVision (MVIS)'s PicoP mobile projection technology. A message, in the U.S. Nasdaq-listed shares rose 74 percent in early trading MVIS.
Comment: Currently, micro projector is gaining consumer attention, with the decline in prices, miniature projector has entered the mass market. Statistics show that the current smart phones and tablet PCs annual sales of over 10 million units, if the micro- projector component costs decline further, and may even develop into a large number of mobile devices configured directly miniature projector components, the market outlook will be unlimited.

About sony
Sony Corporation is the world's consumer and professional audio-visual products, achievements in music, television, computer entertainment and online businesses, Sony is to be the leading electronics and entertainment company.
In the development of the company's 70 years time, as a global company with a high sense of responsibility, Sony has been committed to quality products and services to help people achieve a higher quality entertainment to enjoy life's dream. Currently, Sony in more than 120 countries and regions to establish a sub / subsidiaries and factories; 70% of group sales from other markets outside of Japan; hundreds of millions of Sony users throughout the world.
In recent years, the Sony Group to the rapid development of the Chinese market as the most important future development. As of the end of March 2008, Sony's total investment in China of about $ 1 billion, the total number of employees reached 48,000. "Rooted in China, the long-term development" is Sony's long-term commitment to China and aims to expand business in China. While China's development of various businesses, Sony is also actively involved in social welfare fields of education, culture, arts, and environmental protection. In recent years, Sony has invested millions of dollars to China's public welfare undertakings, has won praise from Chinese community education, technology and cultural sectors. Adhering to the concept of social contribution to the development of technology, Sony will continue to be a good corporate citizen and make unremitting efforts to promote China's social and economic development to make its own contribution to the long-term.

Contact sony
Eastern Region
Shop Name Address City
Exhibition Hall, Shanghai Shanghai Gome 1243 Cao Bao Road, 3rd Floor,
Shanghai Pudong, Shanghai Pudong Buynow Buynow showrooms
showrooms JINZHAI Hefei Road 162 New Buynow 2A07
Jinan show Shanda Road Jinan City Hall 143 Technology Market Hall 1032 Old Hall boutique
showrooms Wuhan Hongshan District of Wuhan City CyberMart 4046-4048
Hangzhou Hangzhou Hi-tech Exhibition Hall Road, Hangzhou, three B158-160 high-tech digital city
of Hangzhou Xixi No. 108 Xixi Cyberport first floor C105 showrooms Wensan Road
North District
City Shop Name Address
Sun Palace Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China First City Tower 701, Building 12,
No. 6, an A Sanhao Shenyang Wencui Road, Heping District, Shenyang Showroom
Urumqi showrooms Baihuacun 2-13 Computer City
Shijiazhuang, Shijiazhuang, Shijiazhuang Dragon Electronics City Hall, 2nd Floor A239
Hohhot Hohhot cable linking Shop Floor East Zhongshan Road, Ego Digital Plaza V Sony store
Baotou Baotou JINNUO up shop Baotou Kundulun avenue, Wang Tak D25 Digital Plaza, second floor, No.
Huaxi District,
City Shop Name Address
Xian showrooms Xiansaige Computer City, 2nd Floor A2035-2
Kunming Kunming Kunming tact Showroom 121 North Road Bai Teng Digital Plaza, Block A, Room 1F-105
Southern Region
Shop Name Address City
Exhibition Hall in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Tianhe Road 490 Ego Digital Plaza, 2nd Floor 256 files (new shop)
Haikou Haikou showrooms Haixiu Road 10 DC 1007 Commercial City
Nanning Nanning Nanning City Star Lake Showroom 14 Plaza II C207 Electronic Technology
Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Huaqiang North Road, Hall 1 Huaqiang Electronic World H1B033
Hall 2, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Huaqiang North Road, Shenzhen SEG Electronics Market 3F16
Fuzhou Fuzhou Showroom Fuzhou Wuyi Road 169 wuyiroad A3-105  

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