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LTV Conference --

This is a post to be taken very cautiously.

It was previously mentioned on the Yahoo message board, and a reader contacted me about it. I had missed this as wasn't able to find the link in the time I had. 

It's very easy to make a website and pretend a lot of things -- I'm still not sure that Qualper isn't a smokescreen for another large OEM. 

But some of what is here is very compelling -- I've pulled the whole article because I'm not so sure that the link will remain or be stable.

I did receive an e-mailed correction to this. That the translation from Google is incorrect... the number. That twenty million was incorrectly translated from 200,000.

Thanks Chris!

Promise Road TOP Partner Conference and the new Jin-pole cast new conference phone

       June 19, 2016, road Promise global TOP partner Congress and the new administration Kam pole phone new conference was held in Guangzhou Sunshine Hotel! Guests from all sectors of society, entrepreneurs, investors, industry elite, mobile phone providers and channels of cooperation media, nearly 500 people gathered together, this grand ceremony to witness the dream! Kam witness new poles cast launch of new mobile phone!

  Beginning of the meeting, Vice-Chairman of China Mobile Alliance, Secretary-General of Chinese mobile phone dealers, president of the Shenzhen mobile phone industry association dedicated to be congratulated Mr. Sun Wenping, and for the non-polar global channel partner program cum launch new Kam pole cast new conference phone platform sound.

 Kam new phone pole cast commercials for the first time exposure, as the world's first MEMS micro laser projector phone, "Kam new phone pole vote" a century of planning products, officially unveiled in Guangzhou, Promise Road has invested enterprises, Jin photoelectric chairman of introduction, the phone will be "mobile phone, television, computers, projectors, sound" five functions into one, with high quality projection, 1080 resolution, 80,000: 1 high contrast ratio makes the picture clearer image, lifelike, mobile projection screen without focus, projection distance infinity. It is reported that the phone in playback mode also has a long life, to ensure 3-4 hours of battery life. New Kam photoelectric chairman's speech highlights the lines for the "new pole cast Kam phone" high hopes and prospects confident.

  After the appearance of the product, Promise Road Group staff also conducted a phone projection show, allowing viewers to experience direct phone projection function.Group set up outside the office, the aircraft cabin, outdoors, family and other four scenes experience area, allowing participants to participate in the experience. Participants on the phone showed a keen interest and desire to buy, on the spot and have to chip in to buy.Promise Road Group is exposed to an atmosphere of rising populations, emergency launch mobile phone limited edition, in order to deal with the new Jin-pole phone vote buying customers.

  After reading the phone high quality projection display, a well-known computer Chamber of Commerce president on the spot, said the new investment Kam extremely advanced technology in the domestic mobile phone market has no doubt that the phone overseas markets more open and lead the prospect a blueprint of the three hundred million mobile phones in overseas capacity scale.

Promise Road Group staff projection show phone

  It is reported that, "New Jin phone pole cast" by the depth of the phone and Promise Road Holdings resource integration, to create a "creative industry leaders, dominant software hardware resources of science and technology," the business model of the mobile phone industry to reshape era.

  Another highlight of the General Assembly, is the first release of Promise Road Holding Group Global Partner Program and start recruiting. New Kam pole cast on your phone new conference, Promise Road Holding Group also conducted a strategic cooperation partner of the world's top propaganda, founder Ms. Zhao Hongmei was speaking cooperation Strategy Forum, a joint founder of Sun regime group on "How to become Promise Road the world's leading partner, "delivered the keynote address, mainly on the" Join Promise Road, the world's top ten partner benefits "in-depth explanation and analysis of how one input, three times to obtain benefits, to a machine in hand, full horizon there, all have wealth, the cause of the whole situation there.

Promise founder Ms. Zhao Hongmei introduced Road Strategy Group

Before the end of the event, Ms. Zhao Hongmei and founder of Promise Road site recruited nearly 10 Promise channel partners and large global cooperation channel field signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and reached a depth of cooperation. It is reported that the event signed on the spot nearly 20 million units of mobile phone orders.

This has been CORRECTED and a correct translation is apparently 200,000, not 20 million. --- like I stated above... be cautious about believing things like this -- I'm still not sure that the entire Qualper - LTV - Viewsmart thing isn't a smokescreen for someone else.

  According to industry leading products from celebrities, cross the perspective of the times and on-site estimates the amount of orders, new Jin photoelectric valuation may reach nearly 15-2000000000, they also represent a new equity investment in the photoelectric Kam quite interested .

  We believe in a global partner to join and cooperation, with each new industry celebrities Jin phone pole investment outlook of the international market and looking on, will further enhance the confidence vote, Jin pole within a year mobile phone sales into the millions.

  Currently, Promise Road already has a number of listed companies, banks, securities, investment institutions, entrepreneurs and other groups of high-end network resources, Promise Road expressed the hope that with more international industry leaders and the elite work together to build a brand, sharing of wealth, to build platform, create brilliant!

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