Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Application of 3D Deep sensing laser Scanning...

This one is a gem, so it's been scraped, to retain.

There are a couple of applications that haven't been discussed before shown here, and it's interesting in the technical diagram that there are four specific locations of Microvision mentioned. 

Thank you Tom.


Application of MicroVision 3D Deep Sensing Laser Scanning Technology in Intelligent Home

[Program introduction] Product Introduction )
wisdom generally based on residential home-based platform, integrated construction and decoration, network communications, information appliances, equipment, automation technology, systems, structures, services, management integration as one of the efficient, safe, Convenient, environmentally friendly living environment for the wisdom of home appliances, including the wisdom of the door locks, wisdom bulbs, wisdom appliances, smart speakers, smart mirror, smart desk and other equipment. With the acceleration of social information, work, life and communication, the relationship between information is becoming increasingly close. People are more concerned about is to provide a comfortable and safe, energy efficient, with a high degree of human life space. MicroVision 3D Deep Sensing Laser Scanning technology provides an efficient and energy-efficient solution for these intelligent home furnishings.

[Program Features] Product the Feature )
MicroVision 3D depth perception sensing laser scanning technology for the next generation laser scanning system utilizing a laser scanning MicroVision patented projection technology, coupled with an infrared laser diode light, the use of time of flight technique (Time of Flight ), With self-developed ToF chip and algorithm, can provide customers a new real-time video interactive products. The product can make the general projection image, immediately become a touch screen, and even can do gesture control, and also has a small size, low power consumption, no focus, high contrast, high color characteristics, To a new user experience.

MicroVision is the founder of PicoP® scanning technology, an ultra-miniature laser projection and sensing solution based on a laser beam scanning method. MicroVision's platform approach to this advanced display and sensing solution means that it can accommodate a wide range of applications and formal factors. It is an advanced solution for the rapid development of the world forever. Extensive research has made MicroVision an independent recognized leader in the development of intellectual property rights. MicroVision's intellectual property portfolio has been recognized by the Patent Committee as the top 50 intellectual property portfolio in the global industrial company and has been incorporated into the Ocean Tomo 300 patent index. The company is headquartered in Redmond, Wash.

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