Sunday, August 12, 2018

Mercedes-Benz Are Embracing Hololens at training center

There will be a place for the world's best near eye displays.... 

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And in keeping with Bauch’s growing digital appetite, they rely heavily on Microsoft HoloLens to conduct faster, more engaging training sessions, they say. The training center is now equipped with more than 100 HoloLens units.

“Ralf and I are fascinated by the possibilities of mixed reality,” says Bauch, project manager for HoloLens applications at Mercedes-Benz Global Training. “We both want to see where the boundaries are, especially in a challenging work environment. “
At work, the main idea behind their HoloLens applications is to consolidate complex, technical concepts for the people in their classes, effectively simplifying their lessons in visual and relatable ways.

“People come in and hear my story,” says Bauch, 51. “They realize: Here is this guy who never used a smart phone until two years ago and now he is using HoloLens in his job. People do not believe it. This is the signal we send out to our visitors: It’s not the age of the user that matters. This device is for people of all ages. Our oldest participant was 89. He attended with his 60-year-old son. I will never forget what he told us: ‘I wish I’d had this technology when I was young and handsome.’”
The Mercedes-Benz Global Training center educates employees worldwide in management, products, branding and sales with a network spanning 800 trainers working across 150 locations in 120 countries. The duo say that Microsoft HoloLens has injected an unprecedented level of transparency into their process. The introduction of MR technology into the training has motivated employees to try out the new technologies to improve their training and jobs, leading to improved engagement.

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