Potential Catalysts

As events are announced/discovered I will be posting them here, with links if possible.

This is NOT making any claims that MicroVision will be featured at any specific event, just that these are events to pay attention to.

We are looking for announcements from SONY which could happen at any time. Product leaks could happen at any time.

You can check TrimbathCreative Blog where he sees catalysts this year. 

Anytime........ (a timing opinion above.)
  • Sony Product Announcement: 
  • Reveal of additional supply chain partner -- Done - STM
  • Celluon new product announcement -- Done, PicoBit & 
  • F500 Smartphone order / news / leak
  • Product leak (other)
  • UPS announcement
  • Auto Announcement
  • Financial announcement - in the black or profitable -- 30-60 million CC
  • Worldwide Auto Shows
  • Laser MEMS television

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