Sunday, December 20, 2015

China Sankei Shumbun - MEMS projector phone (New Product schedule)

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From Hexun - sourced by China Sankei Shimbun

This article was referred on the Yahoo Finance MicroVision message board.

I will re-state once again, that although I am very confident that this is about PicoP we haven't received confirmation yet!

The new appearance of this product means that the smart phone screen boundaries have been broken. Unprecedented science and technology combined with the user opens a new human-computer interaction. Users can use this mobile phone project a large virtual touch screen on the desktop,
Shanghai Pu Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for the whole person in an interview with reporters, he said: "Now if you have a MEMS micro laser projector mobile phone, you not only have a powerful and smart phones, but also has a home theater, 100-inch The giant screen that you can use anywhere, it can link with Bluetooth audio system can also be a wired connection. With it, you can become a white wall screen, a mobile phone can carry personal private theater.

This paragraph is something we have been waiting for. I've divided it into understandable pieces. I read this as THREE different products scheduled for 2016. 

  • A PicoP powered television (knew this one would happen!)
  • "micro laser lights" (I'm not sure what they mean here.)
  • micro-laser outdoor advertising.
The TV set would be an enormous market, as would outdoor advertising. The minimal power and size of the installation to large screen result will be very compelling! What "micro laser lights" will be -- I don't know.

"The official also revealed that a subversive short focal STB [set top box] will come out in mid-January 2016, and to enter the market, this will replace the current short-focus projector set-top boxes on the market, not only is a projector, and more is a TV set, its powerful features unmatched, it will be a new form of access to the market, available to the general user.

In the future, there will be more new full-P come out, such as micro laser lights is expected in May next year, the micro-laser outdoor advertising will be launched in June next year to enter the market.

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