Monday, December 28, 2015

Cicret Bracelet -- into production

I will admit that I am still dubious of this concept - at least how it has been shown. Cicret has been featured here before -- and there was enough to point to MicroVision to create almost certainty that it's MicroVision inside. (Here is the dot-connecting about the prototype)

What is additionally interesting is the wearable project from A-su (I didn't make up the name.) 

"We have successfully :
- managed a motion sensing system on the forearm to work
- distorted the picture from the pico projector
- put these two key features all together and sourced all the miniatures needed

All these items are now on the market and can be purchased. We started discussions and partnership with the biggest manufacturers in the world.

Most of all, we are working with two renowned US design offices. They have well knowledge and skills to produce a working sample of the Bracelet. Thanks to this collaboration, we now have 2 quotes with the timeline, dates of production and detailed costs in order to create the first working samples. We will be able to launch the presales and start the delivery of the Cicret Bracelet."

They're working with us.

Two ex-Apple employees are in our executive team. Thanks to their skills and expertise they are of great help in getting the best components like the pico projector and solve all industrial issues.



Managing Partner & Business Development

30 years + Global Operations, Mfg. and Procurement experience. Served as a C Level executive at AppleInFocus, and most recently, Intelligent Energy. Has built and led product introduction and supply chain teams in Europe, USA and Asia. (Also worked for MVIS – pico projector industry).

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