Thursday, December 31, 2015

Augmented Reality's Future

Some interesting insight on who will benefit the most from Augmented Reality.

Microvision leads in augmented reality. The linked article explains why retailing will be one of the big early adopters -- and how AR will reach the masses. (It will be extremely useful in many industrial applications, but those will have a very limited audience.)

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By 2020, augmented and virtual reality market will be worth $ 150 billion. Google, Microsoft and Facebook have already made large investments in AR solutions; still, some experts fail to predict where the market is actually going. There are several industries that will benefit from AR applications, including healthcare, tourism and entertainment. However, it is retailers who’ll be the first to hit the AR jackpot.

Augmented Reality is the integration of graphic content into live videos or user environment. AR apps for smartphones and tablets analyze web camera or GPS data to provide users with relevant content. The technology was first implemented by Boeing who used AR-enabled hamlets for complex wiring and (later) staff training. By 2018, the number of augmented reality users is expected to reach 200 million.

Augmented Reality Solutions Impact Shopping in 3 Ways:


There are several examples of great augmented reality apps used by shops and restaurants. Yihaodian, China’s largest online grocery store, built over 1 thousand virtual shops in various public places. The stores are only visible to customers who download the Yihaodian AR application; once you’ve chosen the goods, they’ll be delivered directly to your home. In 2013, Yihaodian moved over 250 imported items; this year the store set a Guinness record, selling 2 million boxed of milk in less than an hour. 

A clever AR strategy was implemented by Tokyo Aquarium; their Penguin Navi app integrates cute penguins into smartphone/tablet cameras to navigate visitors. With the introduction of Penguin Navy, the Aquarium’s attendance increased by 152 percent.

Virtual reality ready for CES

Lowes Holoroom -- if any readers are near any of the participating stores, I think everyone would enjoy your report about it -- send in your impressions!

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