Friday, January 1, 2016

What to Expect at CES 2016

From PC Advisor

What to expect at CES 2015: Sony

As usual Sony will be holding its press conference at CES but hasn't gone and splurged details of the new products in advance.

This leaves us to speculate and the invitation is the only thing we really have to go on for 2016 announcements. As you can see it features a wide range of products including a VR headset, camera, smartphone and a TV.

Based on this, and previous press conferences, Sony will give updates across a number of product categories. TVs are pretty much a certainty and we think wearable tech will also play a large part but the big question on many lips is will Sony announce a new Xperia smartphone, primarily the Xperia Z6.

There are some radical rumours suggesting that Sony will announced a total of five Xperia Z6 models as early as CES 2016. Others state that there will be just two models. We highly doubt that the firm will make any comment on the Xperia Z6 range at CES with the Z5 phones still freshly on the market and the firm moving to a less regular upgrade cycle.

Sony's press conference is scheduled for 5 January 17:00-17:45 PT.

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