Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Visit to CES Day 1

Joe S. and I visited the MicroVision Suite. Really awesome display of products and new stuff.

1st. Qualper and ViewSmart are completely confirmed as products containing MicroVision Tech. Got a demo of the ViewSmart & Qualper Phone. 

First, Got this nice shot of MPCL1 pretty much front and center at the SONY booth. (It's a big display, so front and center is a difficult concept, but it was right out in the open.)

Then on to the MicroVision Suite

Here's their small display of the Qualper phone. This display was in the MicroVision Suite. The ViewSmart projector was there as well. The picture is excellent, bright, and the interaction with the unit was great. The top of the unit is like a mouse... that moves a cursor on the projected screen.

The Qualper phone, is about the same size as an iPhone only a little thicker.... I wouldn't hesitate to carry it. I was tempted to slip it into my pocket on the way out, but I don't read Chinese.

Here is Mr. Tokman demonstrating the Qualper to Joe Spaz. On the table in front of them are some cool demonstration devices. Including one that has automatic keystone correction, and another that I think will be the rage -- a VERY small unit that is an Android TV. Plug it in, and watch TV and Netflix on the wall. 

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