Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What's better than "news?" -- Gray's Sports Almanac

What's better than news is knowing the news before everyone else does.

When in Back to the Future Biff gets Grays Sports Almanac. It has a record of sports scores for the next fifty years. He ends up making enough money to do anything he wants to.

He pulled that off by knowing the future.

If you're following MicroVision right now and you know about the Qualper phone. You have a pretty good idea what the headlines are going to be -- in the future.

"Phone's great new feature - laser beams!"
"The future is here: The big-screen smart phone."

So, we can be disappointed that the headlines don't say that already, or, like Biff, we can go to the track. (You can behave better after you win.)

I was having a conversation with someone about this company recently. He's the kind of guy you should listen to when you're making "wealth management" decisions. He said it pretty clearly. "By the time the 'market' understand, this will be a very expensive stock." 

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