Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Acer Launches Windows Projector Phone

This has been Determined to be false.

I know nothing of the projection tech in this product.

So far sourced from a single article (so go easy on your enthusiasm) Other articles makes no mention of a projector with the same name and brand name. ZDNet Windows Central

It DOES show the enthusiasm for projector technology. (and MVIS is the best)

It would not surprise me if this is a re-brand or tweak of Qualper. (Notice how Daqri, until last night was an independent company, now is part of Intel)


Top projector manufacturer Acer has announced the launch of the first non-Lumia Windows 10 phone, the Liquid Jade Primo, featuring projection capabilities.

According to Acer, the Liquid Jade Primo has been designed to replace computers, laptops and tablets, offering all the features needed by users in a significantly smaller package.
Based on Windows 10 Continuum technology, the phone can sense when it is connected to a secondary display to allow for universal apps to display on the screen regardless of their developer.

This built-in capability to connect to other USB or wireless devices also allows the Liquid Jade Primo to be used as a touchpad, virtual keyboard, or even as a projector.

Acer has stated that the projection capabilities are some of the most impressive features of the new smartphone, allowing users to project presentation decks to a projector or large screen, while displaying a 'Presenter View on the phone's screen.

Not only can this technology enhance projection portability for business users, but allows users to carry their media from projection device to projection device without needed to transport a large projector.

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