Sunday, December 6, 2015

Four Pocket Projectors - One fits in a pocket


Small projectors and projection tech in general keeps getting more attention. So, of the four "pocket" projectors in this article only one actually fits in a pocket.  Check it out at the source, linked above.

Best rated is the Celluon PicoPro.

4 Pocket Projectors That Give You a Portable Home Theater

Picture this: It’s game-day and you’re hosting the boys for the afternoon. You’ve got the craft brewskis chilling and the cheese dip ready. But instead of viewing the big game on just another flat screen TV, you’re about to impress your pals with the prowess of a Pico projector. What, you ask? Pico projectors, also known as handheld or pocket projectors, are the latest craze to hit the tech world. And with good reason: They’re light, compact, and connect to your tablet, phone, or computer to project crisp, crystal-clear quality picture to any wall (or ceiling!) in your man cave. Whether you’re considering buying one for yourself to have the movie theater experience from the comfort of your couch, or as a holiday gift, read on for four solid performers.

Best for Android and Windows users (you can connect wirelessly via Miracast or DLNA), this HD projector is as sleek and compact as it is functional. With a lengthy battery life, it also boasts a built-in speaker and laser projection technology to deliver first-rate brightness and image quality. Did we mention it’s always in-focus (you won’t need that archaic focus wheel) and ships complete with a holding mount, MHL cable, Samsung adapter, and carrying pouch?

To see what it’s like to have a cinematic experience at your fingertips, check out this video. The image size is over 200 inches in optimal lighting, and there’s practically no internal sound coming from the system (like you might experience with some models); trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

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