Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cicret Bracelet -- prototype very likely using Microvision Technology.

Cicret Bracelet -- so we've all seen this concept video for this cool bracelet.

I'm profoundly dubious that this could ever be produced in the form you see it here. For a variety of reasons.

A similar -- BETTER use could be made of a small projector with PicoP. (We'll start seeing that in action very soon, when the Celluon PicoAir and PicoPro start being seen by real people.)

But a prototype has been built -- and they have released a video with the prototype in action. Here it is:

Now you may be wondering, is this Microvision making this thing work?

I'm quite confident that it is. (and still confident that the original depiction of the bracelet is VERY optimistic.) It is a great illustration of how useful PicoP can be, however. 

So, first up is the bottom of the projector. (In the demo, it appears they have the bottom of the projector facing away from the person's skin.)

This looks like the bottom of a ShowWx projector from Microvision. The ShowWx would be excellent for making a prototype - the projectors currently being manufactured with Microvision tech are of significantly better specifications.

And, there's the question of scan lines. The scan lines of a ShowWx are distinctive. They make a kind of  curved scan line across the image. (Different than the newest iteration of the Microvision's PicoP. Here is a scan line comparison. 

The scan lines are different, but similar enough in that they have the same "swoop" shape. On the Microvision image, I have highlighted the scan line on the left image from ShowWx splash screen. (It's much easier to see when the picture is moving.) And the curved darkened area in the middle of the picture on the right that gores from top right to bottom left through the red blotch is the scan line. Considering the projector is upside down, and has been adjusted to have extreme low angle projection, this seems very likely to be the ShowWx.

Is it Microvision PicoP? I give it 95%+ likelihood that it is.

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