Thursday, February 12, 2015

Customers starting to receive PicoAir! --- UPDATED

Thank you Dave!

Waiting on some shots in action, some with reactions, etc. When I see them I'll get permission and show.

Thanks in advance to those who post!

"In the wild" review #1

This morning I projected 34" x 54" from my 500 lumens Acer K330 excerpt avi file of "This Old House" via SD card in a 75% darkened room on a flat gray well. wxga.... bright and good. Lots of colors, blue sky, flesh tones etc. Not a replacement for big screen HDMI for everyday... but very watchable, and much more portable than a 50" flat screen. Sound on the Acer projector was tinney.

I have just projected the exact same avi file via miracast/Android LG phone (wirelessly) PicoAir at 29" x 54" in same 75% darkened room on the same wall. Although obviously not quite as bright as the 500 lumen Acer K330 LED, the PicoAir was satisfyingly bright enough and comparatively very crisp for such a large screen. Amazingly It very much held it's own against the 500 lumen unit. The darker the room, the better it will be of course. In a fully darkened room, it will be nearly as saturated. Very very watchable. That we will look at tonight."

If you are talking under 40" diagonal, on the right type of screen media, showing a dozen or so people at a table, in whatever level of lighting... it will get the job done quickly and crisply. The lettering on the PicoAir projected AVI file I used in both projectors is much much crisper, smoother edges with PicoAir than my wxga LED projector. No comparison....The PicoAir is smoooooth

video comparison

"In the wild" review #2
The Apple store rep tried but couldn't get my iPad to stream though it recognized the PicoAir device.

I purposely kept my PicoAir on while he read the instructions and surfed on my iPad, drawing attention from several customers who asked him if the Apple store had them for sale, LOL. Apple guy answered "no" to a Latin American customer who had just pulled out a wad of cash to buy several devices from Apple for himself and the woman he was with. Another Apple guy wanted to know how much it cost and I told him the retail price and he thought that it was very reasonable.

Next I went to the T-Mobile kiosk in the same mall looking for an Android device and the PicoAir had no problem connecting and streaming video from the salesman's Galaxy Android device. Both salesmen were in awe!


The CE Mark tells us we're ready to go in Europe!

It seems the Labels got changed around at some point. Collector's Item someday?


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