Friday, February 20, 2015

Mystery Announcement from Motorola

It turns out there was nothing to see here. A new phone, that from first reports is no great shakes. Still, not having any inside information, reports like this should be watched for the first signs of PicoP in a mass-market product.

“Motorola is making an exciting announcement next week and wants you to be in the front row. The best part? You get to choose where and when you’d like to experience it. Everything you need fits inside one box, which we will deliver to your doorstep on Wednesday.”

Motorola sent out emails to the press this morning teasing an "exciting announcement" that will take place on February 25th, once a box is hand-delivered to members of the press that morning. No indication has been given as to what may be in the box, but it seems too soon for another Moto X. This may be the first major product (if it is a product and not just another game that pops up inconveniently on the Moto X) from Motorola since it was acquired by Lenovo back in October. It could be an updated Moto 360 or Moto E, or something new altogether (VR?), but the only indication Motorola has given so far is "everything you need fits inside one box."

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