Monday, February 9, 2015

Project Ara Projector Module

I'm almost certain that there is a projector module for Project Ara, and almost certain that that image included is not what it actually looks like. Sorry, it's the best I have for now.

(scraped because of a non-mainstream source, and no author byline.)
Everyone was expecting news about the Google Project Ara phone in 2015 but as yet we haven’t heard anything about the device. However today we have seen a new concept that is related to Project Ara.

The concept features HDMI out and a projector as an accessory for the handset, which would essentially give it Chromecast integrated into the device. In blue the handset doesn’t look too shabby, even though it seems to be made of Lego pieces. The concept related to the Project Ara phone comes from a member of the Deviantarts and while HDMI seems to be old tech, if you want to game straight to the TV and you hate HDMI accessories this could be the way to go.
What is interesting about the concept is the projector, which does seem to take over the camera region. Of course Project Ara does offer plenty of customisation and is open to initiatives. One of the biggest issues with the concept accessories would be power, while you could add on more battery modules, this would end up making the phone thick.
So what do you think about the accessories and the Project Ara device?

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