Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Review CultOfMac

Like most things that come in small sizes, pico projectors have always been a big disappointment.
Called “pico” because of their portability and battery power, the diminutive projectors in this class have typically been underpowered and underwhelming. Almost by definition, projectors need to be big and bright enough to throw a lot of light at the screen.

So it’s a big surprise that Celluon’s new featherweight pocket-size PicoPro is a heavyweight champ. I was prepared for it to suck — but was surprised and delighted when it turned my living room wall into a 150-inch cinema screen.

Connected to my iPhone 6 Plus (it’s about the same size, though twice as thick), the laser-driven PicoPro is capable of throwing a big, bright, razor-sharp picture on the wall in full 720p HD glory.
It’s battery-powered and silent, dead-simple to use, and can be slipped into a jacket pocket. It’s a great little portable projector that goes way beyond my expectations.

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