Thursday, February 19, 2015

new Xperia device.

This may be nothing -- or it might be just what we've been looking for.

I'm finding it curious that a new device -- not clearly a smartphone would have a 720P display (same as PicoP) and some confusion about relatively generous storage.

"Midranger" for a phone would be outstanding performance for a dedicated media player -- and we know that Sony doesn't like to purposely go "midrange."

There is also isn't really clear that this is a phone... it's a "device."

Android Headlines
At "Load the game"

a new Xperia device has shown up in benchmarks online. The appearance suggests that Sony is still going to release a few smartphones this year, although there’s no word on the Xperia Z4 so far. Despite the high expectations of the Xperia Z4 making an appearance at the MWC 2015, it seems like Sony will be showcasing different types of devices this time.

The mysterious Xperia device seems to have a 5.2 inch 720p display, which can already attest to the fact that this phone will definitely be a mid-ranger or an entry-level phone. Hardware-wise, the device gets a Snapdragon 615 CPU, backed by 2 GB RAM and 4 GB internal storage, which is a rather odd combination and there might be an error somewhere. Either there’s only 1 GB RAM available, or at least 16 GB internal storage, because 4 GB ROM paired with 2 GB RAM seems a bit redundant in our eyes.

Then there are these very persistent rumors -- that Sony is exiting the smartphone market. We're watching this closely.

Sony Exit Smartphones -

Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) has changed its medium as well as long term plans, and the company has hinted that it will be focusing on segments and products which have generated profits for the company and also have potential to grow further. This is bad news for those Sony customers who have loved their Sony Xperia phones, as this New strategy entails that Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) will be exiting the mobile phone market soon.

This is backed up by a statement from CEO of Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE), Kazuo Hirai, claiming that the company would not focus on few areas including their smartphones. This statement is in line with the previous policy of Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) regarding Xperia, where the company had to cut back on jobs. While it was previously decided that the company would launch a device every six months, Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) launched a device per year, and that too saw decline in profits for the whole Xperia range.
Hence, the company has planned that it is no longer wise to pursue the smartphone market. Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) is going to exit the market in a cost efficient way. Sony Xperia Z4 was to be launched next month at MWC, but this device will not be launched there now. It is true that Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) has produced a few very good and efficient smartphones, owing to its brilliant hardware coupled with the Android operating system.

I noticed in the following article that Xperia products and smartphones are separated.... again, I'm not sure how meaningful this is, but circumstantial evidence says something is up.

Q: What is your company focusing on this year?

We will provide our consumers with choices of compelling Xperia products, smartphones, tablets and smartwear. Through these Xperia products, we will showcase unique consumer benefits, as well as, the wider connected world of the Sony ecosystem.

But how could you anticipate a 25X increase in operating profits on devices you already make? Improved photographic devices would be able to pull that off... 

Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai says his company projects the moves will see Sony's operating profits increase 25-fold by 2018.

Hirai mentioned "devices" along with the company's film and music and games business, but that term can be used to describe a wide range of products Sony offers. Products he confirmed to fall into that devices category include Sony's cameras, storage and sensor products.

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