Friday, February 27, 2015

Ericsson to demo 5G

5 Gbps.

That's 250 times faster than 4G mobile protocol.[math] [Speed Reference]
166 times faster than the fastest cable internet service. [Math] [Speed Reference]

When we want to deliver content for an data-hungry accessory like PicoP -- this is gold.

Ericsson to demo multimode, multipoint 5G connectivity 
Ericsson will show new advances in 5G technology at the Mobile World Congress. Following a speed test where the Ericsson 5G radio test bed topped 5 Gbps throughput, the company will demonstrate 5G-LTE Dual Connectivity and 5G Multipoint Connectivity in Barcelona. 
The latest 5G radio test bed innovations focus on the interactions between mobile devices and the radio access network, both indoors and outside. With 5G-LTE Dual Connectivity, the 5G mobile device moves between LTE and 5G radio access coverage areas, establishing simultaneous connections with both networks before seamlessly handing over. This will enable 5G networks to provide multi-standard and multi-band support in both devices and radio access. 
The 5G Multipoint Connectivity shows a 5G mobile device connecting to two 5G base stations simultaneously, improving bit rate performance through multiple downlink streams, as well as signal strength and resilience. This will be key to supporting multi-layer networks consisting of both macro and small cell coverage, Ericsson said. 

The company's demonstrations at MWC will feature both 5G devices and 5G radio base stations operating in the high frequency 15 GHz band. Other demonstrations planned by Ericsson in Barcelona include capiallary networks for large-scale IoT systems, remote control over the mobile network of construction excavators developed with Volvo, the new Ericsson Radio System and the company's latest advances in LTE, the group's managed services and OSS/BSS portfolio, new IP routers and the company's pay-TV and media delivery systems.

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