Saturday, February 7, 2015

Motorola "Smarter than any other"

This could be nothing, and it could be huge.

The lack of leaks has become curious proof that there isn't anything imminent. -- Stay Tuned

Given the success of the two Moto X devices, Motorola is no doubt working on a newer device in the series in order to compete with flagships from other major names in the mobile industry. Qualcomm has confirmed that Motorola will be using the Snapdragon 810 in one of its devices, and a new leak suggests that the company’s trump card might just make its next flagship “smarter than other flagships.”
Twitter user Ricciolo, known for leaking accurate info on Sony devices, has tweeted that Motorola is working on a flagship that will, in an undisclosed way, be smarter than the competition. That’s a pretty bold claim considering the next month will bring us smartphones like Samsung’s dual-edged Galaxy S6 Edge, but given Motorola’s focus on software, it’s possible we’re looking at a feature that improves the user experience instead of just giving the company a hardware spec to boast about.
This mysterious flagship is said to be coming soon, but given the lack of any leaks surrounding upcoming products from the Lenovo-owned manufacturer, it is unlikely the device will be unveiled at MWC next month. It could also be that this leak is more smoke than fire, but if this ‘smarter than other smartphones’ Motorola device exists, we should see related information crop up online in the near future.

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