Tuesday, February 10, 2015

More cord cutting

I think this is significant because an increasing amount of free web based content makes PicoP even more valuable. The more that is done to improve the ecosystem the better. A relative no-name making additional content says the space is opening up, and even smaller operators are starting to see how providing this content can be financially rewarding.

Check out ShoutFactoryTV

ShoutFactory’s library isn’t huge, and much of it’s forgettable, but dig around and you’ll find a few gems, including old Jackie Chan films, episodes of Abbott & Costello, and some classic Twilight Zone. The service also includes plenty of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (and a fair share of B-movies with no parody attached).
Much of ShoutFactory’s content is also available on Hulu, and the site’s media player actually has Hulu branding on it. But the company says it owns the rights to all of its video, and is licensing much of its content to Hulu. (Prior to launching the streaming service, ShoutFactory distributed its videos through DVD and on-demand channels.)
In any event, ShoutFactoryTV is free and ad-supported on all platforms, including phones and tablets (through any web browser) and set-top boxes (just Roku for now, though a promo video hints at a future Xbox version). By comparison, Hulu requires a Hulu Plus subscription for mobile and TV access.
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