Friday, October 31, 2014

Thoughts on Apple TV

The following is entirely my opinion.

I've read a lot of other opinions about Apple, rumors about Apple & I've paid close attention to what Microvision is doing for some time. This is a summary of thoughts, with some more current links and rumors.

What would I really like to see coming from Apple & Microvision?

Combine the devices below.

Current Apple TV + PicoP + iPod Classic

What would it include?

"A bigscreen TV and DVR that fits in your pocket."
  • A television tuner and access to streaming video feeds 
  • Has its own "screen" (infinitely size adjustable to fit the surroundings and lighting conditions.)
  • Storage of video for viewing on the go. (160 GB of storage in iPod classic would be more than 20 hours of high-definition video for playback) (your DVR too.)

The best reasons I think this is possible?

  1. Most rumors about AppleTV talk about both the need for a screen to be part of the package and the reasons that Apple won't go for a conventional screen.
  2. "We've cracked TV" - Steve Jobs
  3. iPod Classic is going away. (Do we believe they "can't get parts?" as has been stated by Apple management recently?  "Can't get parts") I do believe that demand for the iPod classic itself is weak, but redirected to video with a larger screen the same storage infrastructure could be used.
  4. They could do it. The technology is all in place.
  5. They would think about it.
  6. It makes sense

Why I think it may happen soon:

  1. Access to content was regarded as a major stumbling block. Those blockages are going away at a rapid pace: SA - Apple's new Television Opportunity / Cable Free HBO / 
  2. The technology timeline for inclusion of PicoP into other OEM's products is right for something very soon. (as highlighted in this link, manufacturing timelines:  Mfg Timeline Macbook

Why I think it would be a success:

  1. It would cost less and offer more functionality than a traditional screen TV
  2. iTunes. I was very dubious of the iPod when it appeared. The iPod's success wasn't caused by the brilliance of the device as much as it was because of the content management and delivery system available with iTunes. They can leverage this talent with video as well.
  3. People would LOVE this.
Microvision's product
I have seen the most recently demonstrated prototype of the Microvision PicoP in action at the most recent Microvision stockholder meeting. They demonstrated a big screen television that you can slip into your shirt pocket. It is not an exaggeration. It connected easily with a WiFi connection and played content from a cell phone. In a room with medium light it made a bright, clear, excellent picture on the wall that was about 40-50 inch diagonal. "Speckle" was not an issue and wasn't observable unless a deliberate effort was made to find it. The picture is ALWAYS in focus, which is perfect for portable applications. 

Below is the most recent "in the wild" video I know of with PicoP in action. (it's the picture on the ceiling.) The newer version was brighter and better. In person you can't see the scan lines at all.

I suspect Microvision and Apple are working together. For reasons that have been stated here before.  Apple - Sony Timeline 

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