Tuesday, November 24, 2015

More Content from SONY

Music Videos are an ideal portable content for mobile sharing - and for PicoP. One of the things about mobile is that attention spans are relatively short. Most videos are just a few minutes...

And they all have advertising -- which is another important theme for PicoP adoption.

Broadway World 

BoardMemberz' newest platform, The Leak, is quickly becoming a giant in the digital music space. Vevo originally struck a syndication deal with the parent company of The Leak, BoardMemberz, back in 2011. At that time, The Leak was generating well over 15 million unique visitors a month. The renewed syndication deal affords The Leak with rights to stream Vevo's entire music video catalog. That extensive catalog includes original programming, live streamed events, and performance footage, in addition to music videos.

That deal also includes access to major labels such as Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group, which include Def Jam, Interscope, Epic, Columbia and more. This provides The Leak with the unique opportunity to release over 100,000 videos from the top artists in the world.

"I know we are making history with this platform," says BoardMemberz President, Wayne Rose. "We have the first platform that rewards the artists, contributors, and fans. People are already sharing content all the time. Now they can share the music that they like, and earn some money while supporting their favorite artists," states Rose.

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