Friday, October 20, 2017

Laser Projection Phone & Competition

Just had a nice conversation with Joe, and he said, here, check this out.

The article is like we have seen before, but check out the interesting looking device in the picture. Looks like a dedicated PicoP gaming device.

REVIEW: Today's China smartphone market, market competition is not only a sea of blood, is a winner-take-all market almost, then the smart phone giant Lin Li of the jungle, with its own style of technical school or fever also literary small fresh Have your own living space?

Today's China smart phone market, both a blood sea competition market, but also a winner almost take-all of the market, then the giant in the smart phone jungle, with their own style of technology fever or fresh arts have their own fresh The living space?

June 28, 2017 MWC during the Shanghai exhibition, by the Green Orange mobile phone produced VOGA V laser projection phone officially debut, through the built-in laser projection components, VOGA V can cast more than 100 inches of large screen, mobile phone screen size restrictions to be complete liberation. VOGA V to break the limitations of conventional people and the screen limitations, to give people a new unlimited horizon experience, but also for smart phones opened a new window.

VOGA V laser projection phone with advanced MEMS laser projection technology, the three-color laser beam projected on the interface to form a clear image, and no focus, you can always keep the picture clear, even oblique delivery screen, but also through the smart trapezoidal The calibration is displayed as a standard screen. In addition, thanks to MEMS technology, out of the previous DLP projection phone power consumption is too large embarrassment, equipped with 4000mAh large battery, continuous projection of four hours, enough to watch two large.

VOGA series brand is located in Rijiake Group President and CEO Le Jia Ming said, VOGA V positioning is "light entertainment, light business, light family", the target market, including some white-collar male users in the city, like sports, technology, experience Must pursue. At the same time, for the past desktop projector heat problems, Le Jia Ming said that the laser projection power consumption is lower than the DLP technology, coupled with the VOGA V structural design optimization, as well as the improvement of cooling materials, we can better To control its temperature, and this temperature is the consumer can accept the temperature

In fact, any market, there is always a lot of gaps between the giants, often this is later the growth of subversive fertile soil, when Apple is also through this way to subvert the Nokia. Although the laser projection phone is now avant-garde and niche, but who can guarantee that it does not have a specific fan group? Not long ago, VOGA and the International Champions League contract, full sponsor 2017 International Champions League in China, VOGA V laser projection phone has officially become ICC official only designated mobile phone. See, VOGA survived.

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