Monday, October 30, 2017

Lenovo AR headset

So, Lenovo is releasing this AR headset, that works with a reflective visor, and a smartphone. It's a step up from what we saw with Pokemon Go. (I occasionally see some die-hard players out there still.)

I will be interested to see how well this is adopted. AR is in the early stages and for industrial applications it's clear that it will be well received. How much people use it for fun, remains to be seen -- but I think it's going to be a it. (maybe not in this iteration.)

NewAtlas  (Source) much more there.

The Mirage headset sports a pair of motion-tracking cameras that keep watch for two markers. First there's a tracking beacon you place on the floor, which tells the system where the ground is and allows the projected characters to find their footing. And of course there's your controller, which looks like the handle of a lightsaber with a glowing nub of a blade on the end.

When you look at the thing in your hand through the AR goggles, a beam of light emerges from the tip with that all-too-familiar hum. It really feels like you're wielding one of the most iconic weapons in movie history, and it's almost entertaining enough just to swing it around and watch it follow your every move. The next step – turn that lightsaber onto some deserving droids.


The app includes a few other game modes as well. In a similar vein to the droid defense game we played, you can also take on bad guys like Darth Vader and Kylo Ren in lightsaber battles. If you want to slow things down a bit, the classic Holochess game we see in A New Hope is now an (augmented) reality, with players directing the alien pieces around the board by pointing the lightsaber stub. And finally, a mode called Strategic Combat turns your living room floor into a warzone between the Rebels and the Empire, in a strategy game that looks like Age of Empires.

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