INTRO to Microvision

See the little picture at the bottom of the turtle picture? 

That's my phone, a Samsung S4 and the big picture is from a Celluon PicoPro made by Sony, that uses Microvision's PicoP technology. The PicoPro is screen-mirroring the phone.

This technology is embedded in a phone already. It's available to do more.

Occasionally I think that people who follow things closely assume that other people are aware of the rest of the conversation. 

I'm pretty sure I'm guilty of this as well, so here's a Microvision summary. It is a work in progress and will be continually adjusted.

Microvision -- like ArmHoldings and Nvidia licenses its technology to other companies. 


Celluon PicoPro
Qualper Phone

Xperia Agent  

Patents: (This will be getting a lot of updates.)

MAGNA Electronics

Microvision Does: 

  • Tiny Laser Projectors
  •  Augmented Reality
  •  3D Laser Scanning
  • Touch Enabled projection

Laser Projection

Sony & Sharp / Foxconn

So far we know that Microvision is licensing its technology to Sony with an eight year non-exclusive contract, and to Sharp/Foxconn.

The technology enables tiny laser projectors. 

They are small enough they can be embedded in other devices. So far there are stand alone projectors (Sony MPCL1Celluon PicoPro). PicoP technology, through the Sony module, is also at work in the Qualper phone, which is an excellent view into the future of pico projection with Microvision.

The Celluon PicoBit won an innovation award at this years Consumer Electronics Show(CES). It is a projector with onboard Android operating system that fits in a shirt pocket.

ALWAYS in focus: One of the enormous benefits of PicoP is that the image is always in focus. The image is basically a single laser dot racing around in a 

The Qualper Phone below, uses the same technology. (A brighter room gets a less bright picture - but it's still a lot better for sharing than the small screen on the phone.)

From a Qualper Advertisement

And Microvision's PicoP is in the Robohon

If you follow tech, of course you've seen this video about the Cicret Bracelet

This is a concept that as it is presented here is probably not doable (at least not in the near term.) But versions of it (as seen below, look like they will eventually be practical.

The Cicret Bracelet here 

Why Microvision?
Why Mobile companies MUST use PicoP

The wearable demo below is from Microsoft and uses Microvision's PicoP technology. The always in focus quality of the Microvision technology is essential to making applications like this work.

In 2013, a prototype was revealed - PicoP in an Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

Augmented Reality

Microvision is a leader in AR displays and AR patents. I've personally checked out the displays that were raved about by others, and found them to be lacking next to Microvision's old AR display. I've compared the ODG AR glasses and Vuzix to Microvision's Nomad -- there's no contest. Microvision has a FAR better display solution. 

Microvision & Augmented Reality

Connections between Microsoft and Microvision 

3D Laser Scanning

Microvision can combine a projector with a 3D laser scanner. This will enable scanning for 3d printing, and for interacting in AR applications. More to be seen here!

Microvision at 2016 CES


The BIG Picture -- all you need to know

  • Most of the people on earth are carrying smartphones and they are getting increasingly powerful. -- they can deliver more data than can be viewed on the small screen that fits in the pocket.
  • Everyone who has a smart phone would like the physical size of it to be smaller
  •  Everyone who has a smart phone would like the screen to be bigger

Where are we now?

  • PicoP is embeddable in a usable smart phone as demonstrated by Qualper.
    • Many stockholders have now seen and held this.
  • The Qualper phone is a quick sale. 
  • There is no way that the Qualper solution isn't visible to large OEMS.
  • There are no impediments to mass production.
  • Brighter and smaller is in the works.
  • Only a tiny number of people in the world are aware of PicoP 
    • Huge investing opportunity
  • Look how fast Pokemon Go went from (apparently) zero to madness.
Potential Market:
  • Last year 1,400,000,000 smartphones were sold world wide.
  • 1% penetration of that market would be 14,000,000 unit sales. 
  • Smartphones are only part of the potential for MicroVision -- this ignores
    • Signage
    • Embedded in Tablet Computers
    • Pocket computers
    • Auto
    • Augmented Reality
    • 3D laser scanning
Many people who own this stock are FULLY invested -- which results in a lack of upward pressure. Some of us have more invested than "reasonable" people would. I am among those.

...everything else is noise.

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