Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Augmented Reality -- UPDATED

There's a LOT of stuff out now suddenly about Augmented Reality. It was off the public's radar until Pokemon Go, and now there's a lot of buzz.

It's only a matter of time before those digging hard about it discover the great position Microvision has in the field.

Check out the Definition from Apple Insider -- "A layer of digital information overlaid onto the physical world" is exactly what PicoP does.

So, when we go portable -- to play augmented reality games with portable devices -- things like this can be done. ( I still haven't found the one article that was posted recently that caught my eye.) 

Apple Insider

Distilled to its most basic elements, augmented reality can be described as [a] layer of digital information overlaid onto the physical world, like the camera and screen interface used in Pok√©mon Go. More immersive technology relies on specialized transparent displays, though these exotic solutions are still in their infancy and as such come at a high price. A number of tech companies are investing in the space, including Google's Glass product and Facebook's Oculus Rift platform.

From Eos Article

When visiting CES I showed the PicoPro to the Eos Folks and they REALLY like the projector. 

Convince and Convert 


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