Tuesday, July 26, 2016

PicoP as Cellphone attachment spectrometer

On some of the stock discussion boards there is a member who often posts interesting patents that relate to Microvision. This is one. 

Patent on Google Patents

  • In one or more embodiments, the laser intensity model for injection into the LSS coupled to the iPhone is that shown in FIG. 2 (wherein the intensity pattern is calculated using Tracepro optical ray trace software). However, the model of FIG. 3 could also be used. In one or more embodiments, the laser ring spectrometer geometry shown in FIG. 6A-6E can be designed to fit into Microvision° Laser Picoprojector (LPP) architecture for interface to mobile devices.
  • [0082] 
    The LPP can be modified to connect directly to a portable device or smart phone. FIG. 9 shows an apparatus/package 900 comprising a modified pico projector 902 (e.g., modified picoP projector), wherein the modified pico projector 902 condenses a detector (e.g., diode detector such as Vigo model PV-4TE-10.6) 1, one or more lasers 2 (e.g., three lasers such as quantum cascade lasers, QCLs such as Alpes Lasers, models sbcw5701, sbcw2922 (1280.3 cm−1), sbcw3055 (2205.4 cm−1), and (1043.9 cm−1), supporting optics bus 4, a laser controller, external interface (e.g., for communicating with the smart phone 904), and power source, into a handheld package 902. Thus, the modified picoprojector can comprise components 124, laser controller, external interface, and power source. The package 902 can further comprise the lasers (e.g., QCL) wired into the PicoP projector's amplifier and supporting electronics for the diode detector. The apparatus 900 further comprises ring cavity/multipass cell 906 (e.g., ring cavity 600) and LSS integration fixture 3 for attaching/coupling/mechanically interfacing the ring cavity/multipass cell 906 to the modified Pico projector 900.

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