Sunday, July 31, 2016

Thousands of retail stores....

I'm always hesitant about articles like this, but they're appearing more and more. The degree to which they're legitimate remains to be seen.

A Bing Translation

As the title says, and full General in counties and cities building thousands projector phone retail stores across the country, fenwenbuqu to others.

Current smartphones become more and more the same. Despite the fingerprint recognition, 3Dtouch, dual camera, surface technology highlights appear on the screen, but is hard to change the sign of the decadence of the potential.
We went to watch a giant screen film, play a game LOL, edit text, shows a copy of the PPT had to go to a cinema, open a laptop, find a conference room has a projector. And the portable phone is have ability to handle these operations, but limit the screen closed and operations experience.
Smartphone development more and more TV, PC, trend micro-laser projection technology is the key.
Breaking framework for mobile, mobile phone, PC, giant-screen combines unparalleled full using first generation MEMS laser projector phone.

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