Saturday, July 23, 2016

Gary Kaltbaum --

Gary Kaltbaum is an investor. He runs a fund. He has a radio show, and has a website -- and you can find him on Twitter.

On this past Friday's show Gary mentioned that he's going to dedicate time every week to "finding the next big mobile app" If you can find the next big mobile App, you can get in front of Pokemon Go, or Facebook, or Linkedin. 

I thought I'd try to give him a hand finding the next big thing.

Gary's Website  *   Gary's Twitter Feed   *   Friday's Show (7/22/16)

There are many next big applications that are on the horizon, but figuring out which one of them is really going to be a hit is kind of difficult. (Who could have predicted Angry Birds, or Candy Crush or Pokemon Go?)

A way to get that mobile content on a big screen? Without having to lug a big screen around with you? That's golden. Throw in a hefty dose of Augmented Reality IP & 3D laser scanning technology for good measure, you could have a winner.

Microvision is in the early stages of generating revenue -- but it's coming -- and they have their technology embedded in a phone that stockholders have seen and watched in action -- it works. 

It has been very frustrating for shareholders for a LONG time, but mass production has begun.

Why Microvision? Because this: The picture below is being projected with Micrcvsion's projector... the phone that is the source (Samsung S4 is at the bottom of the picture... ) BIG screen from a small device.

And in a phone below.

Sony is producing components with their tech.

SONY Laser Projector Module Page
Foxconn just bought Sharp -- which is using their tech.

Disney may well be in the fold as well.

In my opinion we're a single announcement away from a crazy rise.

Check it out. Less risk than trying to play the next software fad.

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